Bruce Kulick

From KISS to Grand Funk Railroad, a rock legend
by Tina Hall
August 2010

Bruce Kulick

Bruce Kulick

Bruce Kulick needs no introduction. From his years with KISS, to working in Grand Funk Railroad and his well established solo career, he has proven he is legendary guitarist time and time again. His latest solo album, BK3 was released on Twenty 4 Records earlier this year. The album features an impressive line up of guest artists with Gene and Nick Simmons (KISS), Eric Singer (KISS), John Corabi (Motley Crue), and Doug Fieger (The Knack).

Maximum Ink: What lead you to release BK3?
Bruce Kulick: I was pleased with my first two solo discs, Audiodog from 2001 and Transformer from 2003. But I did have the desire to do the ultimate solo CD. When approached by my producer friend Jeremy Rubolino he was adamant that we do it with very high standards, as close to lets say Revenge as possible,  (Revenge being my fave KISS album). So that made the new CD very important and very complicated to finish. And the result is something I am very pleased with.

MI: The album showcases the singing debut of Nick Simmons. Was it very hard to convince him to try his hand at vocals?
BK: He was always into singing, and Gene offered him to me. I think we really accomplished something very special with his huge bluesy voice. Nick chose that track to sing on, and Hand Of The King turned into a very strong track for BK3. He was of course a bit “green” in the studio but he is super smart and a good learner. He really nailed it.

MI: I read that you will be featured in Neil Zlozower’s upcoming book, “Six String Heroes: Photographs of Great Guitarists.” Are you excited to be included in that?
BK: YES.  Neil is at the top of the hill with rock photographers and the shot from about 1992 is very cool. Great guy, and I thank him for his support.

MI: What is it like to be considered a “Great Guitarists”? Did you ever imagine you would be considered a guitar legend?
BK: I am very humble and people that know me, know that. I have so many heroes in my eyes, I can never really get that horrible ego some guitarists have. I am grateful for the “legend” status!

MI: What was it like to gain notoriety while touring with Meatloaf in 1977? How has the industry changed most since then?
BK: Well, I was able to watch and learn back then. Meatloaf was the focus of course, but there we were doing very exciting things. The industry only has changed in the fact that labels are no longer the controller of what the public hears. The internet and social networking has changed that. So has file sharing… ugh!

MI: Of all the great musicians you have worked with, which of them did you enjoy working with most?
BK: Jamming with Jack Bruce was amazing. Did that in London at the Fantasy Camp. With Simon Kirke from Bad Company on drums. Of course I have other highlights like backing Roger Daltrey from The Who. I have really jammed with some great players. I even backed Steve Vai on bass!

MI: What little known fact about yourself would fans be surprised to learn?
BK: I am kind of neat for a musician, and I work hard at being on time,and being prepared for anything I do.

MI: Why do you think you love music as much as you do? What drives you to keep working so tirelessly in the field?
BK: Music is such a gift in life. No doubt, if you can play an instrument and connect with that inner voice that creates it is quite wonderful. I work hard because the field is very competitive.And I am very supportive of my friends who I respect.

MI: What do you think you would of became if you hadn’t of chose music?
BK: I always liked to build things when I was young, so maybe an architect.

MI: What is it like to get the chance to teach others though the Rock and Roll Fantasy camps? Do you enjoy bringing the gift of music to others through teaching?
BK: I think the camps are a terrific concept and I have been involved for years now. It is amazing to get a group of people from various walks of life and talent and make them come together to perform and really do a good job at it. It takes real dedication from me, to get that going. I enjoy it but it can be a very big challenge.

MI: Anything you’d like to say to your fans in closing?
BK: I am happy for the support for BK3, and if you haven’t checked it out, you are missing out on a great CD. I promise you won’t be disappointed! Visit my site and Facebook,

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