by Karli Norton
August 2014

Buckcherry preforming at Green Bay Distillery  - photo by Karli Norton

Buckcherry preforming at Green Bay Distillery
photo by Karli Norton

I recently had the opportunity to see Buckcherry in concert and afterwards meet them and talk with them. As a fan of the band, it was extremely difficult for me to not want to scream and drool all over when I saw them walking into my work. I work at a restaurant in Green Bay, and we held a concert for Pop Evil and Buckcherry on August 13th.

The second I walked into work, I felt an adrenaline rush knowing that these artists were somewhere in the building. Unknown to me, the first table I would help serve food to that evening would be the booth with the whole damn band sitting at it. After setting their food down, the guitar player, Stevie D., asked me… “Where are our sweet potato fries?” I was mortified, but surprisingly, they were more than understanding and had no problem with me bringing them out a few minutes after. As I walked back to the kitchen, I heard the members chat about how they were all trying to eat a little healthier. For some reason, the thought of a rock band worrying about their health surprised me a little.

An hour or so later, Stevie D. happened to walk through the back door and ask me if he could trouble me for a cup of coffee. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “You sing songs about doing line after line and you just want to relax and have a cup of coffee?” We seemed to have more in common than I ever could have thought.

I was let off early enough to catch their show, and right before I headed into the concert room, I saw another member standing in back of the kitchen waiting to use the small, somewhat dirty employee bathroom. I told him he could use the main bathroom for guests, but he said he didn’t mind and was getting excited to go on stage. I once again was taken aback by the simplicity of these band members. I never would have thought of them as “normal people” and yet there they stood in front of me, doing the ever so recognizable “I really have to pee” dance.

The show was more than I could have hoped for. I had seen Buckcherry one other time in 2013 at Rock USA, but this time I was up close and could see everything. They played new songs off of their new LP titled, “Fuck”, including ‘Somebody Fuck with Me’ and ‘Say Fuck It.’ If the assumption hasn’t already been made, the new album has a lot to do with the big F - every song on the album includes the word in the song title.

After the show, my friend (who also works with me and who was the band’s server for the evening) and I were given the opportunity to meet the band. While waiting in the back of the kitchen, drummer Xavier walked in back and started joking around with some of the staff members and me. It was so surreal, having someone you look up to, musically, stand next to you and seem so normal. After a while, my friend and I finally went out back to smoke and sit. The band signed set lists for us, and even asked to take pictures. I felt so honored.

All the members of the band had the opportunity to be driven to a nearby hotel to shower and freshen up. So, one by one, members left and came back. Some came outside and talked with my friend and me. We talked with Stevie D. and how he is expecting a child soon with his wife, how Xavier was excited to just chill and go fishing in the north woods of Wisconsin the next day, on their day off, and how bassist Kelly LeMieux used to play football back in his home state of MN and how one of his favorite songs to just chill to is ‘The Rain Song’ by Led Zeppelin. (Never did I think I would have that in common with the bass player to Goldfinger and Buckcherry). We also had a very detailed discussion about religion, and working out and living a healthier lifestyle.

I had never believed that day going into work that I would have the opportunity that I had been given and I am so thankful for it. I realized that day that big time musicians/celebrities are just as normal as the rest of us. They all started off as kids with dreams and somehow were able to achieve their goals. I hold respect for those kinds of people, and even more if they are kick-ass at music and what they do. So thank you so much to Josh Todd, Stevie D., Xavier Muriel, and Kelly LeMieux. Thank you for being down to earth, sharing stories, laughs, some smokes, and one hell of a great show.

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