Burn Halo

An Interview with vocalist James Hart of Burn Halo
by Aaron Manogue
June 2011

Burn Halo

Burn Halo

Perseverance seems to be a word that many of today’s bands have become quite familiar with over the years.  This is no different for Burn Halo’s vocalist James Hart. After nearly a decade of touring and recording with his previous band 18 Visions, Hart has found himself a new home through another avenue or musicianship. Burn Halo has come onto the scene with a vengeance and has reached even greater heights then Hart’s previous work. They’ve recently been added to the lineup at the illustrious 2011 94.1 WJJO Band Camp and the honor has Hart excited and ready to prove to you all, that Burn Halo belongs on that stage. Maximum Ink’s Aaron Manogue talked with James Hart about what it’s going to be like playing Band Camp, outdoor music festivals and even why someone stole his bike when he was younger!

Maximum Ink: Burn Halo is slated to play 94.1 WJJO Band Camp at the end of July. What’s it like to have the opportunity to play such a huge festival with so many other killer bands?
James Hart: These types of shows are always a great time. It really gives us a chance to showcase our music and talents as well as validate why JJO wanted to put us on the show. With so many great bands in one day, you really want to bring your “A game” and you want to be able to stand out. You want people walking away from the festival talking about your band with CD in hand.

MI: Band Camp is an outdoor event. What are some of your stories about events such as Band Camp that are outdoors, hot, and with thousands of drunk fans?
JH: Lots of topless people walking around and that’s not always a good thing. You always have the potential for rain too, and when stuff starts coming down it can get real crazy. The fact that the concert is outdoors instead of inside the venue gives people the chance to really let loose. There’s nothing around for them to break.

MI: Do you prefer playing big festivals with thousands of bands or do you like the more intimate clubs and small shows?
JH: The bigger shows are better in a sense that you get to play your music to a max audience. There’s always going to be something special about playing in a smaller room and the connection you have with that audience, but the energy you get with thousands of drunk and crazy fans can not be topped.

MI: Is there anyone on the Band Camp lineup that you have a funny story with or about?
JH: Unfortunately not, but I do like All That Remains.

MI: What’s something about you no one knows?
JH: When I was 13 I had my bike stolen outside the 7-Eleven by house because I was busy tearing up Street Fighter II.

Burn Halo will be joining forces with the other amazing acts July 30th at Willow Island for the 2011 WJJO Band Camp.  They also have their latest album ‘Up from the Ashes’ coming out June 28th. Make sure to check it out! For ticket information please head over to www.jjobandcamp.com

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