Colt Ford

An interview with Country Music's Colt Ford
by Tina Hall
April 2011

Colt Ford

Colt Ford

Colt Ford was introduced to country fans on his debut album Ride Through the Country, which included a unique take on Gene Watson’s “No Trash In My Trailer.” The album also featured appearances by artists Jamey Johnson, Bone Crusher, Adrian Young of NoDoubt, and Jeremy Popoff of Lit. Ford has three albums to his credit and three singles that reached the Hot Country Songs charts. The single, “Country Thang,” off his upcoming studio album titled Every Chance I Get recently debuted on the country singles chart. Maximum Ink had a chance to catch up with Ford in a very honest one-on-one interview.

Maximum Ink: What was it like growing up in Georgia?
Colt Ford: Georgia was the best place in the world for me and where I will always call home. I had everything I needed there— great hunting and fishing and a great place for sports. Just good country living.

MI: Do you have any amusing stories from your childhood to share with our readers?
CF: I have so many. We would never finish this interview. I have amazing parents, great friends, and great family. My early life was really special. Now, I have a wonderful wife who is my best friend and two great kids. I guess every day is special for me.

MI: You were also a professional golfer. How often do you golf these days? What does it feel like to go from traveling all the time playing golf to hitting the road to perform and make music?
CF: Well, I don’t get to play as much as I used to or would like to. It is a great game. I am going to try and play more this year because my son likes to play now. We are going to play more together. Being on the road is tough sometimes, but I am on a bus all the time. With golf, I was on a plane. The big difference is that in music I’m going to bed when it’s time to get up for golf. They are both fun, but music is my true passion.

MI: Was there a defining moment that led you to the decision to pursue music? When did you officially quit your “day job” as a professional golfer to perform for a living?
CF: I have always tried to do music and had some success years ago, but my wife really pushed me to try one more time, and I’m glad she did. I have been really blessed to have some success with music. It has been a long road, and I am nowhere near a country music star. I’m just a country boy who is lucky enough to play some songs that people like.

MI: What was it like to have all those great musicians make appearances on your debut album, and how has that set the tone for the other records?
CF: It is unreal that all those amazing musicians were kind enough to take a chance on me. The best thing about every artist that I have worked with is they are a friend of mine.

MI: Why do you constantly give back to your fans and say how blessed you are to make music for a living?
CF: Well, I say that because I believe it. I am so thankful for my fans, who I also call my friends. I can’t do this without them, and I owe them so much. I give them all I’ve got when I hit the stage or anytime I meet someone. I have a problem with artists that don’t want to sign autographs or stop and talk with a fan or take a picture. The fans are the most important thing you have.

MI: Why do you think hip hop and R&B blend so nicely with country music?
CF: Well, you just have to be honest and real. If you are, then you will be fine. I think hip hop and country work because they are about telling a story. I am a Country artist

MI: How do you think today’s country music differs from earlier country?
CF: Well, I think today there is too much fake stuff. It is just not as real as it once was. I live my songs, and I think that is why folks relate to what I do. Music is always changing, and there are some amazing new artists out today.

MI: Can you tell us something about yourself that most people aren’t aware of?
CF: I guess most folks think I am a tough-guy-redneck-kind-of-a-badass, and I am, but I also am a very emotional guy. If something touches me, I am not afraid to cry.

MI: Do you ever find that society underestimates people who are from the country?
CF: Oh, yeah. I think that happens all the time. I bet you any amount of money you have that country folks can and will survive in any situation.

MI: Can you tell us about the new album? What can your fans expect from this one?
CF: I think this is the best record I have made so far. I really feel like this album is the best mix of songs and everything I do, with a few new twists.

MI: What projects are you looking forward to bringing them next?
CF: Well, I just did Volume 2 of the Waylon Jennings record. That was such a huge honor to be a part of, and I have some stuff with the great Charlie Daniels coming out later this year. He is one of my heroes.

MI: Anything else you would like to say in closing?
CF:  I just want to thank everyone that has given me a chance in any way. I love country music and all that it stands for. That is how I live my life, and how I am raising my kids. I truly love all of my fans and friends and I hope ya’ll will love this new record. God Bless.

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