by Sarah Klosterbuer
December 2001

Default in 2001 - photo by Phil Hunt

Default in 2001
photo by Phil Hunt

When Dallas Smith auditioned for drummer Danny Craig and guitarist Jeremy Hora only two years ago, it was a new experience for him.  Before that, Smith’s vocal performances had been limited to singing along with the radio, but a decision that it was time to try it for real lead him to vie for the position of lead singer in Hora and Smith’s band.  It went well.

Today, the three of them, along with bassist Dave Benedict, are collectively known as Default, a Vancouver rock band whose buzz just keeps growing.  When asked if he had any idea back in 1999 that the band would have gained this level of success and notoriety so quickly, Smith replied, “Not even a .1% chance.  It’s like winning the lottery, really.  We can’t believe it.”

Default guitarist Jeremy HoraMusically, Default delivers a solid record.  Smith’s vocals are probably the biggest driving force on the record, possessing an unrefined melodic quality that reveals the passion in the music.  The album has a nice balance to it, and Default proves that they are not limited to only one style.  The first single, “Wasting My Time,” is the sort of ballad that fans across the board are going to relate to and enjoy.  “We looked at everything, and we knew that ‘Wasting My Time’ was going to be the song that something would come out of,” says Smith.  By not making any attempt to distance themselves from the new wave of rock that’s sweeping the scene, Default actually succeeded in doing just that.  “We just write and don’t worry about anyone else.”

Joining forces with the band whose front man essentially helped launch their career, Nickelback, Default have gotten their first taste of the road.  “Being on the outside looking in is a lot different than actually being in it.  It’s a lot of work.  We thought it was going to be ‘party, party, sleep, party,’ but it’s definitely work.  OK, there’s a little partying…but it’s more work than I had expected.”

Default are off to a great start and show little sign of slowing down.  They have the talent, quality, and distinctiveness that make all the difference, and will undoubtedly make a mark on the music scene before long.

Default will be playing in Wisconsin supporting Saliva and Nickelback 11/7 Norshor, Duluth - 11/9 Bases Loaded, Wausau – 11/10 Rave, Milwaukee – 11/11 Quest Club, MNPLS.  For more information on Default, visit

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