Flogging Molly

by Justin Beckner
April 2010

Flogging Molly

Flogging Molly

They’re back. This seven piece ensemble has been packing venues full of Irish traditionalists and punk rockers all over the world. And now they are setting off across the United Sates on their annual Green 17 Tour. So, grab those dancing shoes and check out the show in Milwaukee on March 12th or check out their website to see when they’re coming through your city. I had a chance to talk with my old friend Dennis Casey (guitarist) about the new CD/DVD and Tour. Do read.

It seems like so long since you’ve toured through the Midwest. What have you been doing in the meantime?
DENNIS CASEY: We did our first ever full tour of Canada, from Halifax to Vancouver. We usually just play Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Took a month off, then we played a New Years show in LA. Took another month off. So I’ve been hanging out at home for a while.

MI: You’ve just recorded a new live CD/DVD set for us. I’ve heard that it’s due out in March. Can you tell us a bit about how this opportunity came about?
DC: We were doing a tour in September and were scheduled to play the Greek Theatre in LA. We thought it would be a great time to record and film the show because it’s a beautiful venue, a dream come true to play there and we started out in LA. We thought lets just go for it, one night only, see what happens. After mixing and editing we decided it would be great to put it out so our fans can share the experience. We like playing most everywhere but playing LA is like a homecoming.

MI: Have you been working on anything for a new studio album? When will we see another studio album?
DC: We haven’t worked collectively on any new material but individually we all have ideas and riffs. It just takes us setting time out to all get together in a room and do it. Having said that I believe this year will be the year we do that. Then I think at the end of this year or beginning of next year we will
have a new CD out.

MI: It seemed on the Float album (which was great), there was a bit more of a classical Irish twist on the music. Was there a shift in influence away from the punk rock and towards the traditional Irish jams?
DC: That question has been asked ever since we put out our second record and it gets asked both ways (Why the move in direction from Irish to more punk or punk to more irish) All I can say is that, to me there is no move in that way. We get in a room and make sounds and it comes out Flogging Molly, we don’t say well this record will be more Irish than that one… We have grown I believe as a band and are still evolving. We’ve been touring a lot and making records for 13 years, I think comes through the most on Float.

MI: You’ve done quite a lot of touring abroad. What has been the most memorable shows abroad?
DC: Many times it will be the first time you play somewhere. Last year we played Croatia for the first time and over 2000 people showed up. We never played there before! We walked off the bus and it was like Beatlemania, we needed security to escort us to the stage. Playing Japan is always memorable because
the culture is so different. Fans there are really quiet in between songs and then really crazy as soon as you start playing.

MI: Do you remember that Warped Tour show in Minneapolis way back when that huge thunderstorm hit right at the end of your set? That was a great show.
DC: I sure do, and I often tell that story in interviews because it was such a crazy experience. A lot of equipment got ruined that day. The acoustic set afterwords was something I will not forget. I’ve always wanted to see footage of that show. If anyone reading this knows or has some please contact us. It would be really cool to see it. One thing I remember thinking as it was happening was, Am I going to get electrocuted?

MI: Do you have any favorite places to visit when in the Midwest?
DC: I do like Chicago quite a bit and I remember taking a nice long walk along the lake when I was in Milwaukee one time, and how beautiful it was. There were really nice old buildings and houses. And then there is Summerfest which is always great. That’s a great festival to have in your area.

MI: What is the worst venue you’ve ever played at?
DC: There have been some real shit holes over the years but I tend to forget the names of the bad ones and remember only the good ones.

MI: Well that’s all the inquisitations I can muster for today. I’ll definitely see you at one of the shows, I owe Nate a few beers. Any, final thoughts comments or plugs?
DC: I’ll take one of those beers, and I’ll get the whiskey. See you at a show. Thanks. We need more trains.

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