Frank Laufenberg of Old Oaks and WURK

Maximum Ink Music Magazine's Video Podcast Hosted by Teri Barr
by Teri Barr
May 2021

Episode 005 features Frank Laufenberg—just before his band, Old Oaks, is set to host a live, in-person, new album release show!
How he’s feeling about it, and what kept him making fresh music and holding virtual shows throughout the last year.
We’ll also get a little taste of the new music, and Frank shares what both Old Oaks and WURK have planned in the months ahead. And Frank tackles the rapid-fire of “10 Questions with Teri.”
We had so much fun during this podcast. Hope you enjoy it, too!

The Maximum Ink Music Magazine Podcast is a new, regular video podcast focused on musicians and artists with ties to Wisconsin. Hosted by Teri Barr, an award-winning multimedia TV, radio, and podcast journalist who is also a long-time scribe for Maximum Ink Music Magazine’s award-winning print version. Teri is a live music enthusiast and supporter, and received the “Music Radio Personality of the Year” award from the Madison Area Music Association in 2020.

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