Future Leaders Of The World

by Jason Manchester
October 2004

Phil Tayler must not received the memo. Grunge is dead, someone somewhere recently said. Time and time again were are reminded that most good things seem to cycle back around after too long. Faded jeans and the plain white t-shirt, Hula Hoops and now it would seem, grunge. While it officially isn’t a come back yet, the creative writing of the band’s singer, Phil Tayler and Future Leaders of the World could be the band that sparks the resurgence. The future of the Future looks good, with radio stations across the country starting to add more and more 90’s alterna-grunge to rotations, and going away from the heavy trend of the last half decade or so, and back to things that better fit the description of Hard Rock. “LVL IV” has the grooves, and head bobbing goodness to make the quartet from Buffalo a fixture in the mainstream. Where the weirdness of Weezer, meets the soul piercing scream of Cobain, you’ll find the Future.

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