An Interview with Lead Singer Patrick McBride
by Aaron Manogue
May 2011

Patrick McBride of Hourcast

Patrick McBride of Hourcast

Life isn’t so bad these days for Patrick McBride of HourCast. He’s making music videos with porn stars, touring with legendary Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society, and being the lead singer of an up and coming rock band. Maximum Ink chatted with McBride about sharing the limelight with gorgeous adult film star Jessie Jane, what it’s like touring with BLS, and what’s coming up for HourCast.

Maximum Ink: There isn’t a ton of information out there about you guys. Tell us about yourself and the band. How long have you been a band? How did you get your start?
Patrick McBride: HourCast got its start in 2001 with Jerry Clews (drummer) and Dave Henriquez (Guitar Player). They wanted to combine elements of rock and electronic music. Then they found me as a lead singer. Later, we added Dave Sullivan (Bass Player) when we decided to take the band out live. We started on a street level in Boston playing shows. We went to every rock concert in the city with backpacks on and gave away our music for free. In a matter of months we found ourselves on tour with Sevendust, then Godsmack. Godsmack really gave us a huge break, bringing us, a brand new Boston band, on the road. Since then we’ve been out with 30 Seconds to Mars, Breaking Benjamin, Volbeat, The Damned Things, and now Black Label Society with All That Remains.

MI: Tell me about your latest album Dystopia. What can people who have never heard it before expect?
PM: It’s really a great collection of songs and moods. That’s one of our band’s strong points. We have the ability to do songs like “Zombie” that are very heavy, then turn around and do a song like “Invisible.” The fans that know us love that aspect of the band. Dystopia was really the result of some circumstances that arose for us after we made State of Disgrace. The band had the rug pulled out from under us from a label and legal standpoint. I just went into a personal hole. When we reunited to write the record, all the songs and lyrics for Dystopia came rushing out of us. It was cathartic and therapeutic all in one.

MI: “Attraction” has really been a catapulting you guys and getting the band more air time. What do you think it is about that song that makes it so appealing?
PM: “Attraction” has such a great groove to it. It’s heavy, yet it’s sexy. It taps into how everyone feels about love, sex, and relationships. I think we can all relate to that feeling of “What do I have to do for you, Tear out my heart and eat it too?”

MI: Adult film star Jessie Jane stars in your new music video for “Attraction.” How did that all come about, and what was it like to work with her?
PM: We wanted a female lead that could really cut loose and be a psycho, ala Mallory Knox from Natural Born Killers. We wanted someone unconventional and sexy. When Jessie’s name was mentioned we also liked the fact that she was an adult film star. How much more rock ‘n’ roll could it be? Sex, violence, passion, and blood; She was a total sweetheart and consummate professional. I have to tell you though; she beat the hell out of me on that video. With the slaps (16 takes) and the gunshots (30+ squibs), I really suffered for my art on that video.

MI: What has it been like touring with Zakk and Black Label Society? He’s such a funny and wild person. There’s got to be a story or two you can share?
PM: The BLS guys are just cool as hell, as are their fans. They’re loving guys who take this business very seriously. It’s great to be out with people who have seen and done it all. It’s really a great learning experience for me and the guys. They treat their fans, crew, and opening acts with so much respect and care. That’s the way to be, always.

As far as funny stories, we found out they are big Xbox gamers. In fact, they were playing one of the same games we play every day, NHL 2011. I’ve been the champ for two tours now, undefeated on the bus. When I found out they also played, I approached Nick Catanese (BLS Guitarist) and said, “I hear you guys play NHL 11; Send over your best guy.” He replied, “That’s me.” So, that evening right after BLS got offstage, he was knocking on our bus door to play with an entourage of people. We had made a trophy we called the “Canley Stup.” It was all on the line, and after an overtime round and two shootouts, much to my dismay, the “Canley Stup” belonged to BLS. I assure you I’m practicing everyday to win it back.

MI: What’s coming up in the future for HourCast? Are you planning any new music or projects on the way or tours that you’re excited about?
PM: Well I can’t mention bands in particular until all the details are squared away, but I can tell you we plan to stay on the road for the next number of months. At some point, we will get together to write another record. What I would like to say to our old and new fans is “Thank you for all of the love and support you have shown to the band over the years and most importantly, IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU HEARD….SPREAD THE WORD.”

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