Madcity Nights - April 2015

by Rökker
April 2015

Mary Zimmer and Chela Harper of White Empress - photo by Ferris B Photography

Mary Zimmer and Chela Harper of White Empress
photo by Ferris B Photography

Madison’s music scene offers something for everyone no matter where in the city they live!  TiP: Check out the “TiP” after each listing to more fully enjoy your nights out in Madcity!


People Fest Pre-Party w/ The Mustache, The People Brothers Band, Black Market Brass
Stick around for the Madison veterans but show up for the openers Black Market Brass. The Minneapolis based 11 piece band perform their own brand of original Afrobeat/Afrofunk music, as well as authentic renditions of classic 1970’s West African sounds.

TiP: Get early-bird tix for People Fest and save $20



The Faith Hills Have Eyes, The 4AM, Basement Fire, Polydactyl
Where else could the musical brutality of Faith Hills, the ska-punk of 4 Aspirin Morning, meet up with the progressive punk of Polydactyl? Rhetorical question, look out for Madison’s Basement Fire, featuring drummer Riley Heninger (Tiger Clutch, The Moguls) on drums, David Wyatt on bass and producer/engineer/soundman Ian C.G. on guitar who are also on the bill. The band landed the opening slot for Maybash 2015.

TiP: Bring earplugs, but if you didn’t, Frequency sells the foam kind for $1, I guess it’s better than nothing.


Sam Baker (9pm - All Ages)
Now this guy has a story. After surviving a terrorist bombing in 1986 on a bus in Peru that killed many passengers and left him with deafness, a mangled hand, a mangled leg, and brain damage affecting speech and memory, Sam Baker is touring to support his trilogy of albums that attempt to make sense of his experience, as well as other stories and characters he brings to life. Find him at

TiP: This is a “house concert” not a bar, an fun way to see independent singer/songwriters in an intimate setting.


Drunk Drivers, The Garza, Old Buffalo Money
Eau Claire’s Drunk Drivers (Crustacean Records) make the journey to Madison to join locals Old Buffalo Money and The Garza, which features local scene vets Nate Bush (x-Droids Attack) on bass and Magma (Bongzilla) on drums and vocals.

Mr. Gnome w/ Bron Sage
Mr. Gnome is an indie rock duo from Cleveland and signed to El Marko Records. Nicole with her grinding guitar and entrancing vocals and Sam’s simple yet crafty drums make for an interesting and sometimes spacey show.

TiP: First show in Madcity since 2012


Project M Challenge 4/13, 4/20, 4/27, 5/4
Local FM radio station Triple M 105.5 is about to launch the 2015 version of Project M, a contest that features Madison bands perfoming in weekly songwriting and performance challenges. It’s April Madness! Katie Scullin took the award for 2014, Molotov!


Sir! No Sir!, Sons of Atom, Rotten Tommys, the Bottles
Socially charged and intolerant of intolerance, Sir! No Sir! is a true-grit local punk onslaught with former Skintones and Mad Trucker Gone Mad drummer Tony Leskinen, former drummer now guitarist/vox Nate Onsrud and Jeramaya Wunderlin on bass. Stay out of Indiana, boys!


Big Sandy & The Fly-Rite Boys
Mix a little Rockabilly, Rock & Roll, Honky-Tonk, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Doo-Wop in with a dash of Orange County, California… top it with 25 years of touring and throw it in a bowl at the Harmony and you get these guys!

TiP: Now that you’re thinking food, try the Walnut Burger.

Sexy Ester (CD Rel), Something To Do, Damsel Trash
Madison’s alt-pop rockers Sexy Ester celebrate the release of their self titled album, with a Pin-Ups and Greasers themed Party in reference to the first single, “Pin-Up.” There will be a “Pin-Ups and Greasers” costume contest and have a chance to appear in a music video.


Freakabout! w/ lazydeadpoet, Bird’s Eye
Madison based Bird’s Eye has been surprising audiences with a fusion of funk, jazz, and hip-hop while maintaining a positive vibe and attitude. Six talented individuals offer a new perspective on a genre that usally gets a bad rap. No pun intended.

TiP: lazydeadpoet’s guitarist has a cigar box guitar, and Bird’s Eye’s guitarist uses a “Talk Box”. Google that one!


Max Ink Radio’s The Jimmy K Show w/Mojo Radio
Jimmy K show is live on location featuring hard blues rockers Mojo Radio. The show is live at the Frequency and simulcast on Max Ink Radio (


Aryk Crowder, Sam Lyons, Jourdan Meyers
Crowder is bringing his Chicago Made Soul to the Madcity and will be joined by Madison native Sam Lyons, and Minneapolis native Jourdan Myers.


Mad Rollin Dolls After Party w/ Venus In Furs, Damsel Trash
What a better way to take out your aggression after watching the Mad Rollin Doll’s destroy their opponents in Roller Derby? With all-female, Madison based punk bands at the Inferno!  Post-punkers Venus and Furs mix quite well with Damsel Trash, a female pop-punk duo featuring local media journalist and drummer Emily Mills (Little Red Wolf) and guitar/bass slammer Meghan Rose (I Saw The Creature, Little Red Wolf). Both sing, rant and put on an energetic and very entertaining show. It’s hard to take your eyes off them once they start, eerily captivating.

TiP: More Drunk, Less Pregnant.. You’ll know what to do.


Kiesza w/ Betty Who
Brooklyn-based Canadian singer brings her hip-hop-tinged house-influenced pop to The Majestic supporting her new album “Sound of a Woman.” Trained as a code breaker by the Canadian Navy at 17, competed in Miss Universe by 18, only to leave the navy and attend the Berklee School of Music in Boston and land in New York City with a music career, one is compelled to find out more about this rising artist.


White Empress, Vermillion, Faith Hills Have Eyes, Black Box Warning
Metal Mary (Ottomon Empire/Luna Mortis) returns to Madison with her newest endeavor with guitarist Paul Allender (Cradle of Filth) and bassist Chela Harper (Coal Chamber). Last time through strained a few necks but we’ve had time to recover. White Empress heads out on tour but we will all get to satisfy our obsession with the Empress.

TiP: Kurt “Mad Dog” Manthe of Vermillion was a founding member of legendary Madison death metallers Corpsicle.

@Red Zone Madison/Annex
Madison Girls Rock Camp “Be A Superhero Night”
w/ Gin Chocolate & Bottle Rockets, Supervillain Fire Drill, VO5
Come to the show dressed as your favorite superhero or invent your own for GRC’s biggest fundraiser of the year. All proceeds benefit Girls Rock Camp Madison, ensuring any girl who wants to attend camp CAN, regardless of financial means.

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