Madcity Nights - January 2017

by Max Ink
January 2017

Harmonious Wail turns 30!

Harmonious Wail turns 30!

Harmonious Wail turns 30
Saturday, January 7 @ 8 PM
The Brink Lounge

2017 marks Harmonious Wail’s 30th year in the music biz. This jazz quartet features founders Sims Delaney-Potthof on mandolin and Maggie Delaney-Pothoff on lead vocals and percussion. Tom Waselchuk is on guitar and vocals and Matt Rodgers’ powerful and energetic stand-up bass create a unique, enticing style of mandolin-driven gypsy-jazz. A one of a kind.

Wisconsin Punk Fest
Thursday, January 12 @ 8 PM
Majestic Theater

Madison’s own brand of outlaws Masked Intruder are back in the Madcity to heist your soul. Last year the band travelled on the Warped Tour and later this month they hit the House of Blues in Chitown, and then in February they leave for Europe with stops in Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, UK, and the legendary Milkweg in Amsterdam.

Masked Intruder’s partners in crime will be Arms Aloft, Tim Schweiger and the Middle Men, Jaill, No Hoax, and Static Eyes.

Mad City Sessions
Thursday, January 12 @ 6:30 PM
Capitol Theater
Oh My Love and Modern Mod

A free show from Madison’s electronic-pop duo Oh My Love and off-beat pop-rockers Modern Mod, Mad City Sessions moves to the Capitol Theater this winter but promises plenty of room to dance plus Madison music legends trivia and Rökker Vodka tasting. by John Noyd

Dartboard Records Showcase

Saturday, January 14 @ 8 PM
The Frequency

Madison record label Dartboard Records celebrates their lineup with a show at The Frequency. It’s an eclectic night as snger/songwriter DANNY FOX kicks off at 8:30pm followed by the Americana of GIN MILL HOLLOW. SUNSPOT is releasing their latest 3-song disc of Weird Wisconsin Rock Anthems at 10:30PM with the hard rock of the APOLLO AFFAIR closing out the night at 11:30. by Mike Huberty
Maria’s Grand Opening
Saturday, January 14
Art In building - 1444 E. Washington

Maria’s is a new venue that will feature craft beer, music and art, with a rotating schedule of local breweries, bands and artists.  The Art In building also hosts the Snappy Concert Poster Gallery along with other creative local artists. by Chris Reott

Prog The Band
Monday, January 16, 2017 @ 8:30 PM
High Noon Saloon

Prog, based here in Madison, is Steve Phipps on drums and vocals. Joe Allard on guitars. Pete Olig on bass/vocals, and Michael BB on keyboards.

The band plays a mix of classic prog bands like Genesis, Rush, Yes, and Jethro Tull to name a few. Bassist Pete Olig will debut on this night with a set of songs given ‘Most Favored Music Status’ by the band.

Zombie Corpse of Christmas
Tuesday, January 17 @ 7:30 PM
High Noon Saloon

Xmas is dead! Hanukkah has passed on! But wait! Just when you thought the holidays were safely in the grave…THEY RISE AGAIN!

Beefus, Madison’s only Trans-Human Doo-Or-Don’t-Wop Sensation, teams up with Imaginary Watermelon, Madisonian folk-rock freakers, to bring you a ghastly travesty of helliday horror!

Featuring original anti-Xmas singalongs, interesting imagery and costumery, and megaphone blasts of cynical yuletide mockery.

Funk Winter!
Friday, January 20 @ 9 PM
High Noon Saloon

Celebrate a CD release for the Clyde Stubblefield Scholarship Fund. The recording is from the Barrymore Theatre concert that took place September 11, 2015 and features over 40 musicians that have played with Clyde over the last 40 years.

Live music by Steez and The Clyde Stubblefield All-Star Band, plus Dr. Funkenstein.

Tip: This event is 18+ and $2 for 18-20 y/o, plus $2 off if you come dressed in summer attire!

Lords of the Trident
Saturday, January 21 @ 9 PM
Crystal Corner

Dr. Vitus is dead. Long live Dr. Vitus. It seems that LOTT goes through more drummers than Spinal Tap, but to be fair, Roman gladiator guitarists and pirate bassists haven’t fared better.

Dr. Vitus, the band’s latest drummer, will play his last show at the Crystal in a set of his favorite LOTT songs. Help Desk will open the show along with the power metal of InnerSiege.

Black Marble with YOU
Wednesday, January 25th
The Frequency

Spend your frenzied end-days with mechanical somnambulist Black Marble’s dark narcoleptic clubhouse experiments and lose yourself inside propulsive New Wave dangers and shadow-stalking Krautrock. Cosmic rockers YOU. kicks off the electric festivities with some sweet psychedelic-blues brouhaha.
by John Noyd

Government Zero
Friday, January 27 @ 8 PM
Annex Red Zone

The best SoCal Punk band from Wisconsin, GOVERNMENT ZERO, doesn’t play nearly often enough, so make sure to check out their live return at The Annex (Red Zone). It’s fast, catchy, and funny. Then watch some fingers blister with the Mr. Bungle-tinged Thrash Metal of NIGHTROD (formerly KILL JR.). YLAB opens the show. by Mike Huberty

Tip: it’s Grampa Chris’s birthday

Lemon Twigs with Savoy Motel
Friday, January 27
The Sett (UW campus)

A rare opportunity to see, for free, two bands whose well-deserved buzz precedes them, WUD Music presents Long Island’s shagadelic The Lemon Twigs plus Nashville’s rug-cutting jaw-dropping Savoy Motel for a raucous night of high-kicking party-jams and fun-loving glam-rock get-downs. by John Noyd

Blythe Gamble and The Rollin’ Dice
Saturday, January 28 @ 10 PM
The Crystal Corner

There is something very Madison about seeing a blues band at the Crystal Corner. This night will be no exception.

Madison Musicians Used Gear Sale and Swap!
Sunday, January 29 from 2 PM - 6 PM
Art In - 1444 E. Washington

Happy New Gear!  The first locally-led gear swap for the Madison music scene is happening Sunday, January, 29th from 2-6 at 1444 East Washington Ave. There will be beer and gear for a 4-hour slot. Amps, pedals, recording equipment, microphones, etc.

If you are interested in vending you must pre-register and pay a fee, but traders can freely bring gear. Search for the event on Facebook for sign up info and more.

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