Masked Intruder 3

A ransom note with Masked Intruder's guitarist, Intruder Green
by Mike Huberty
October 2019

Madison's Masked Intruder

Madison's Masked Intruder

What started out as a pop-punk misdemeanor in the Madison jurisdiction has turned into a worldwide crime spree and MASKED INTRUDER is now wanted for illegal acts on several different continents. With shockingly heartfelt (for hardened villains anyway) and catchy songs, they’ve Jesse James-ed their way into the affections of thousands of Power-Pop lovers who found it easy to root for the bad guys when the songs are this good.

You might never see their faces underneath their ski masks, but you can tell what they do by the color of their disguise. Blue sings and plays guitar, Green is on guitar and backing vocals, Yellow is on bass and backing vox, and Red hits the drums. And of course, Officer Bradford is often not far behind them, but he can’t seem to close the case.

Their latest album is simply called III and it was released this year on Pure Noise Records, and they’re currently on tour with THE BOMBPOPS and TIGHTWIRE. They have a hearing scheduled at the High Noon Saloon in Madison on Friday October 18th and we met with Intruder Green in an undisclosed location to talk about their new record and their Madison court date.

Maximum Ink: What’s your favorite song on Masked Intruder III?
Intruder Green: Probably “No Case” because I like it when I don’t have to go to jail instead of the alternative, which is going to jail. Or “Just So You Know”, that one is pretty special and fun to play live.

MI: Are there any themes that run through this album that you could use for your criminal defense?
IG: Actually, I think our lawyer would have advised us not to make a new record as most of our song lyrics are usually used against us. It’s like we’re always under arrest.

MI: Are there any topics that you’d love to sing about but your lawyer recommends you don’t?
IG: I mean, yeah. Crime.

MI: The latest album sounds like you’ve been listening to some pop-metal? Are the 80s coming back in the criminal underground?
IG: The 80s was a tight time for crime. They didn’t have all that DNA testing and computers and stuff. Now they got this thing called the internet. They use it to buy googles and facial recognition software. That’s why we have masks though.

MI: What’s the worst thing Officer Bradford has made you do? Is it like Caged Heat in the Intruder van?
IG: It’s more like canned heat in the air tonight babeee, yeah! Because I like to dance so much. Bradford can’t really make us do anything. It might be different if he had a gun or a taser or something but he’s not allowed. We usually just distract him with whiskey and donuts and then use his pepper spray on pizza and tacos while he’s passed out. Then we go steal stuff.

MI: Do you guys make the BOMBPOPS or other bands that you play with commit crimes with you?
IG: I wouldn’t say we make them. Usually other bands are pretty stoked to do crimes with us, allegedly. And if we don’t like them we just rob them instead… Allegedly.

MI: You’ve had the ability now to break musical laws all over the world, where is your favorite place to play? Any favorite tour stories?
IG: It’s hard to nail down a specific place as a favorite. It’s always cool playing in different countries and seeing new places. One time I got in a fight with Red because he was trying to steal all my red hot Cheetos. He thinks he’s entitled to those things just because they’re red. I guess they got green takies now though so maybe I’ll stick with those.

MI: Any words for your fans in Madison, Wisconsin? Anything special they can expect at the show?
IG: We’re stoked to be playing the High Noon again. We’re playing some more songs off the new album so be ready for that and a whole lot of fancy dancing.

MI: Are you ever tempted to rat on your bandmates to try and get immunity and go straight?
IG: Immunity? I’d turn them in for a tight Taco Cabana gift card. I don’t know about going straight though. That sounds pretty lame.

MI: Are there any coded messages you need to tell anyone back home?
IG: We’ll be collecting wallets at the merch table, at the stage during our set or later on in the alley. We’re alls bout convenience.

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