by John Noyd
June 2009

Metric is a Canadian New Wave/indie rock band.

Metric is a Canadian New Wave/indie rock band.

METRIC – named after a synthesizer beat on a sampler. A band whose lead singer has dual citizenship, whose members range from Texas-raised to Boston-trained, New York hardened and Toronto nurtured. No wonder then this group of like-minded friends’ new album, “Fantasies,” is an edgy, coy and cosmopolitan masterpiece packing musical precision, sly hooks and savvy metaphors. Recorded in large part at guitarist JIMMY SHAW’s home studio and self-distributed in the States, “Fantasies,” is independent music with a capital I. Playing Chicago’s Metro June 14th, singer, songwriter and co-founder EMILY HAINES took some time out to answer a few email questions about the band and the new CD.

MAXIMUM INK: There seems to be a bigger arsenal of sounds in “Fantasies” – parts remind me of early synth-pop like MISSING PERSONS or THE CARS. Were there more toys to play with this time around?

EMILY HAINES: Yeah, we now have our own studio in Toronto and it is stocked with Jimmy’s collection of vintage gear. The studio is called, “Giant,” maybe that’s why. “Fantasies,” sounds massive!

MI: “Fantasies” lyrics and music are full of mischievous insights, enlightened perspectives and sly references. What kind of students were you?

EH: We all went to University but felt like our musical education happened in the clubs. You learn a lot about the world traveling around in a van for years on end with your friends.

MI: The disc has an abundance of great lines. Do you keep a notebook, stitch songs around disconnected thoughts or start with ideas that suggest the phrases?

EH: Songs appear in mysterious ways and I am far too superstitious to describe the writing process in detail. Cocktail napkins make great notebooks.

MI: You’ve previewed songs from, “Fantasies.” in lots of different settings. What forms do they usually first take and how much did these new songs change from inception to completion?

EH: For us, performing songs live is part of the writing process. Often the songs begin as ballads on the piano and evolve into something else with time. We try to construct the songs in such a way that they can survive being played every night until the end of time.

MI: The band takes its time to do all sorts of non-Metric matters. What keeps the band together?

EH: We all have lives outside the band and in fact it is this independence that keeps us together. We are all in the band by choice, not necessity. As with any relationship, the love becomes strained if you feel trapped by it. When the time is right we are together. When we do drift apart it is always with the knowledge that we will eventually return to making music.

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