Ohmme, Deeper and Liam Kazar

A Packed Triple-header September 26th showcasing Chicago's Finest
by John Noyd
August 2021

Deeper, Ohmme and Liam Kazar

Deeper, Ohmme and Liam Kazar

After live music’s enforced hibernation, it’s easy to see any live performance as special but the gathering of Chicago’s Liam Kazar, Ohmme and Deeper in the intimate confines of Milwaukee’s Back Room at Colectivo Coffee September 26th is extra extra special.

As Liam himself so aptly puts it, “The Venn diagram of Chicago vibes just in Ohmme alone is enough for people to get a feel for the city. Throw Deeper and myself in there and it’s going to be a Windy City showdown of tunes, guitars, and friendship. I can’t wait!” Kazar, who is related to one half of Ohmme and previously played in two other bands with the other, has been promoting his soulful freak-folk solo, “Due North.” The Milwaukee date is the only time all three play together, with Ohmme and Deeper continuing to tour for four more dates before Deeper heads to England.

Touring off their angular, exorcised, “Auto-Pain,” Deeper is eager to be back on stage. “We’re excited to get back to Milwaukee. This will be our first show there since 2017, so it’s long overdue. The bill is going to be really special; we love Ohmme and their set at Savannah Stopover was one of the last shows we saw live before the pandemic. Liam Kazar’s new record is dope, so we’re excited to have him on the bill too. Go Bucks!”

While the pandemic made live music untenable, the dynamic Ohmme kept busy writing and recording, collaborating with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and, in the case of Macie Stewart, completing a softly sophisticated solo album, “Mouth Full of Glass.” This tour finally lets them promote the album they had just released before venues closed. “We’re excited to finally play Fantasize Your Ghost live in front of an audience,” Ohmme remarks. “We have such a different relationship with our records versus our live shows- performing them feels like we get to explore another side of our songs, while getting to know them more intimately. We have a fair amount of distance from this material now because we have grown so much since 2018 when we wrote them. We’re very curious to interact with that headspace now - the two of us are still so proud of this record, so it feels worthwhile to share these songs with people in the same room. Speaking directly about the Milwaukee show the duo say, “sharing the stage with Liam and Deeper on our first tour back feels really special. Liam and Deeper put out some of our favorite music last year- and Liam is literal family. It’s a comforting tour crew, and after such an uncertain period of time, it’s a gift to be surrounded by people we know and trust.”

Surround yourself with smart innovative indie and feel the love when Kazar, Ohmme and Deeper combine forces and take over Milwaukee’s Back Room at Colectivo Coffee Sunday September 26th. Visit www.pabsttheater.org for tickets and more information.

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