The debut album from Madison's Alternative-Metal band Seilies
by Tommy Rage
February 2019



Some projects take longer than others. The ones that seem to take forever, are often the ones we are the most proud of. Such is the case of a fresh band out of Madison known as Seilies. An Alternative-Metal trio consisting of Miguel Adrian (guitars/vocals), Zach Walton (drums/vocals), and Donovan Killgallon (bassist) have spent over a year putting together their debut album: ‘Tribulations and Augmentation’.
The trials and tribulations of putting an album together began in 2017. With band members taking some time apart from the Seilies, May 2018, saw a serious push to put an album together as a group effort. All three band members contributed extensively to the recording and song writing process for the band’s debut release, explains Zach Walton. “When we went in into the studio, we agreed that people would bring in ideas and if the majority of people didn’t like it, we would scrap it, and if people did like, then we would keep the idea and build on it. It was very much democratic. Donovan and Miguel were the main music writers, and I was the main lyric writer.”

Tribulations and Augmentation’ begins with quick paced drums, a bass barrage, and guitars helping to build a bed of strong harmonies. “In Your Eyes” kicks off the brilliant album, with an up-beat metal tempo and an ever-changing song structure. “I remember I was just playing around”, laughs singer/guitarist Miguel Adrian, “we had the song about half finished, when we were playing a show at the Frequency and people were asking for another song. So we decide to try it. The lyrics are really personal and I’ve even seen kids sing the song when we play it live. My favorite singer is Andrea Bocelli, which is way different from rock and metal, but I love writing songs that you can relate to.”

Each song on ‘Tribulations and Augmentation’ builds on the last, and has been a work in progress.  “Amen” was started years ago and tells a personal story. Zach explains, “That song was written about 6 or 7 years ago. I wrote it for very personal reasons at the time. It’s about the feeling that you aren’t ok, and having suicidal thoughts. We recorded the guitar and vocals in one take each. It was just done once in the studio to make it feel more raw and more personal; and we decided to put it on the album.”

Having spent the last few years composing and putting the album together, producer Shawn Streeter, noted that the band only had two songs done when they came into the studio. “They went through a couple lineup changes while in the studio, but immediately gelled with Miguel. Noted Streeter, “It was always very entertaining, because the three of them get along very well and always seem to have fun jamming with each other.”

It’s that unity that brings ‘Tribulations and Augmentation’ together as a complete album. Songs like “Leave Me Behind”, “Riding Alone” and “Falling Out” have a cohesive band feel. Zach adds, “That was one thing we really wanted to do with this, [which] was to bring what we do live to this album. The harmonies and filling in the chorus and verses with a full sound. Miguel has such a strong and unique voice, that’s so prominent no matter what song we’re doing.” Donovan agrees, “I think we did that really well. Even though I didn’t come from a heavy-metal back ground, the song “Falling Out” started years ago after hearing a Jack White song, I think it works really well together, especially with the harmonies. We step on each other’s toes enough on stage, we didn’t want to do that on the album [laughter].”

With its full dynamic sound and radio friendly hits from songs “Down” to “Pretend” the Seilies don’t feel like a simple three-piece rock band. An energetic stage show allows the band to show-off their fluid arrangements. Zach shares a highlight of playing live, “When it comes to a live show, we really like to play “Pretend”. It’s one of our catchier songs we play.  We see people move around and really get into it. It’s a simple drum pattern which allows the guitar and bass to shine through with Miguel’s high energy vocals. Pretty much everything about our album went into that song. It’s really fun to play and it’s what Seilies is about.”

When asked if they were looking forward to the next Seilies project, Donovan laughed, “We have about 8,000 songs. Just because they aren’t written down, doesn’t mean that they aren’t there [laughter]!” Adds Zach, “Yeah, we actually have about seven songs, some just need lyrics, but it’s going to be heavier.”
Through the culmination of all their hard work and putting together 10 perfect tacks, the Seilies will be opening for SHIM on March 13th at the Red Zone in Madison. Donovan shares the band’s enthusiasm for the up-coming show. “We are incredibly excited about that show, and having the opportunity to open for him. I’m freaking out on the inside a little [laughter]; but we are going to have a lot of fun and it’s going to be a good show!”

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