Suzanne Vega

An Evening of New York Songs and Stories - May 4th 2022 Stoughton Opera House
by John Noyd
April 2022

Suzanne Vega

Suzanne Vega

For those who hear the name Suzanne Vega and immediately think, “My name is Luka,” from her massive hit from the eighties, you are not alone, but that bit of trivia is just the tip of the iceberg in Vega’s amazing career.

A literate singer-songwriter, Vega went from folk sensation to mainstream success, charting three singles with her first two albums, and one of them, her a cappella piece, “Tom’s Diner,” becoming a major club hit remixed by U.K electronic duo DNA. The seven studio albums that followed found Vega experimenting with different production styles while consistently focused on strong story-songs and character sketches. Her perceptive lyrics and insights on human nature helped Suzanne make a successful transition into acting. She was recently seen in the cast of the Off-Broadway production Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, and her one-woman stage show, “Lover, Beloved,” about the life of great 20th-century American writer Carson McCullers had its film premiere at this year’s SXSW Festival.

A natural performer, restless spirit and curious soul, Suzanne combines her theater experience and musical background in her latest work, “An Evening of New York Songs and Stories,” weaving personal observations among historical reflection and a look back at some of her songs the city inspired. Catch her take on the Big Apple when Ms. Vega takes the stage at the beautiful Stoughton Opera House Wednesday, May 4th in her only Wisconsin appearance for this wonderfully intimate retrospective.

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Suzanne Vega
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