Top 41 of 2017

an interview with Jimmy K
by Teri Barr
December 2017

Jimmy K

Jimmy K

Katie Scullin, Imaginary Watermelon, and so many other amazing area artists have released new music the past year. Do you have a favorite?

This may be one of the most fun ways to show your support.

Yes, it’s time again for Maximum Ink Radio’s Top 41! If your favorite band or solo artist is from Wisconsin, and released a song, EP, or album this year, the requirements indicate, it or they are eligible for this outstanding recognition.

But, the Top 41 doesn’t happen without you—so your nominations, followed by your votes, are important in the process.

And I was able to grab some time with the long-time host of the Top 41 Show, the Jimmy K Show on Max Ink Radio, Jimmy K, to get the scoop.

Maximum Ink: What’s the deal on the nomination and voting process?
Jimmy K:
There are two rounds of voting every year. Any artist or band can enter, they just have to be from Wisconsin and have released a song in 2017. We attempt to get any eligible artist or band involved in the process. The first round relies on write-in nominations until Monday, December 4th.

MI:  No kidding! Then what?
The second and final round of voting will take place from December 4th through 12th and will include the top 100 songs from artists who received votes in the first round. The final order is determined by the total votes in both rounds of voting. So, get your vote out there. It matters, go here to cast your vote now:

MI: How do we find out who is named to the final Top 41?
We’ll be announcing the Top 41 for 2017 on our new home for the Max Ink - Jimmy K Show on WSUM 91.7 FM on Thursday, December 28th at 5 pm. There’s also a great listening party and after-party planned at The Wisco on Williamson Street in Madison. Fans at the Wisco will be able to listen to the countdown live and stay for a great show from the 2016 Top 41 winner HALIWEL at 10 pm.

MI: Haliwel is terrific. But don’t try to distract me. Are we going to be able to listen to your show every week on WSUM?
  (Laughing) Our regular day and time will be announced in a few weeks, but our new home will be on WSUM, starting with our Top 41 Announcement Show.

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