Vanishing Kids

interview with Jason Hartman
by Theron Moore
December 2016

Vanishing Kids

Vanishing Kids

Vanishing Kid’s music is best described as heavy yet ethereal, complex and textured but always accessible, and more so than not—a massive, mountain of sound. A juggernaut in their own right.

I spoke with guitarist Jason Hartman to really dig into the story of Vanishing Kids, what makes up their overall sound, and what to expect from the band in the near future.

Maximum Ink: How did Vanishing Kids come together?
Jason Hartman:
Nikki Drohomyreky (Vocals, Organ, Synth, Percussion) and I started the band in 2000. Jerry Sofran (Bass, former Fluid Oz.) has been playing with us for 3 years now and was an idol of mine as a teenager. I would go to see his thrash metal bands Mirrored Image and For Christ Sake in the early 90’s. So intense! Drummer Hart Allen Miller has been with us for a year and a half. I played some shows with Hart in the past and was always impressed with his heavy, solid style. Nik and I were in the same scenes in the late 90’s in Madison and had similar musical tastes and passions. It was easy to put music together right away.

MI: Was there one band in particular that kind of spurred Vanishing Kids forward, creatively?
Jason Hartman: We like to take everything that inspires us and try to make it our own special concoction. We don’t want to latch onto one genre or limit ourselves but we try to create cohesively. Creating a mood with big choruses and memorable playing is a big part of the goal.

MI: How do you describe Vanishing Kids to someone not familiar with the band?
Jason Hartman:
It’s always hard to answer this one. Depends who I’m talking to. In simplest terms,
we are a classic hard rock band. In this day and age of super genre breakdown, I could list acid rock, psych, doom, etc. The Cure playing through Black Sabbath’s gear? A doomier 70’s Scorpions slowed down to a Pink Floyd pace? I love to hear feedback from listeners. It’s always interesting.

MI: Do you and Jerry use vintage pedals? How do you get that wide wall of pure distorted sound?
Jason Hartman:
Jerry has had the same setup for 20 years, no pedals. He just goes for a full round tone, no punchy bass. It fills everything in majestically! I am the opposite and go through pedals and gear constantly. My gear is generally old.

Nowadays playing through a ’69 Ampeg tube head and 70’s Sunn cab. Currently using a fuzz, an overdrive, wah, phaser, delay, echo and vibe pedal. Nikki plays a 70’s chopped Hammond organ and an 80’s Roland Juno.

MI: Tell me about the EP.
Jason Hartman:
We have an EP out on cassette and cd that we are using to draw label attention and
to have something current at our shows. Some of these tracks may end up remastered on the full
length. It is up on Bandcamp at

MI: Final thoughts.
Jason Hartman:
If you want to hear some heavy, soul-baring, dramatic music then we are your band.

The world needs to hear Nikki. It doesn’t get more real.

Vanishing Kids will appear with Pachinko, No Hoax, and Clean Room on Saturday, December 3rd at the Crystal Corner.

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