Whisky Pig

An interview with hardcore groove metal punk band Whisky Pig
by Aaron Manogue
November 2011

Madison's Whisky Pig

Madison's Whisky Pig

Is it just me or does it seem like every single band that experiences any type of success always seems to sellout one way or another throughout their career. Now granted there are the Slipknots and Korns of the world that have really always done it their own way, but they’re so successful that they can do just about anything they’d like. When it comes to small or local bands, even the slightest smell of success can make the best bands sellout into mainstream lyrics, sounds and music. When it comes to the Madison band Whisky Pig, this is quite the contrary. In fact, just about everything this hardcore groove metal band does is out of the ordinary, and we love it. The self-proclaimed “sluttiest band on the block” plays music that makes you bang your head, then laugh your ass off when you truly listen to the dirty lyrics.

They describe their music as “depraved lyrics layered over catchy hardcore groove metal punk” and then steal your girlfriend kind of music; and I couldn’t agree more. The lyrics are valiant in their attempt to offend you and make you question your morals, all the while you find yourself rocking along to the impervious beats. Most bands like this cover up holes in their musical ability with their unheard of lyrics to make people snicker and laugh over the average guitar or drums; not Whisky Pig. They’re a very talented group of sic individuals who like to party, rock and drink lots of beer. And who can argue with that? Maximum Ink’s Aaron Manogue talked with Whisky Pig about their crazy live show, their inspirations for writing such music and their New Year’s Eve show at the Frequency in Madison.

Maximum Ink: Give me a little history on Whisky Pig.
Whisky Pig: We’ve all known each other for years and some of us have even played in different projects together before. Whisky Pig was formed in August of 2010 and we have one EP available titled We Don’t Want This Night To End. We are finishing up our second EP that we’re recording at Bullhound Studios right now.

MI: Who are your guys’ musical icons/idols that you would say you pattern your musical style after?
Jason: I think we try to draw from numerous musical styles. Punk, metal, down and dirty fucking rock n’ roll.
Brandon: We like good times and rock n’ roll. When the band was started it was with the intention of just having fun. Bands like Andrew WK, Mötley Crüe, Motörhead, Pantera are good examples of who we’re down with.

MI: You guys make some pretty badass rock with some twisted lyrics. Where did you get the inspiration for this kind of music?
Jeff: Whiskey plus beer plus women equals inspiration.

MI: You guys talk about not playing shows, but throwing parties. Tell us about what a typical show is like when someone goes to see Whisky Pig.
Brandon: It’s party time! We are going to have the time of our life that night and that could mean anything.
Kyle: I’ve been bloodied by our bass player. I’ve ended up practically naked on stage before. It’s never scripted or a gimmick. We’re all just looking to have a rowdy time and get the crowd riled up too.

MI: To me it’s as if you guys’ music basically just speaks what every other guy wants to say, but doesn’t have the balls to. What do you think?
Kyle: I guess I have a pretty dirty mind. Girls inspire me because they make me want to do dirty things to them. The thing is, I believe girls want to hear how much they are desired, just as long as they are not being demeaned at the same time. There’s a certain level of objectification that goes along with sex that is necessary for it to be as awesome as it is. Both sexes do it and there’s nothing wrong with it as long as the human element is not broken. I don’t see anything wrong with saying what you want to do to somebody else.

MI: What kind of reaction do you guys get at shows when people haven’t heard your stuff before? I bet some boring ass people get very “offended” (which I find hilarious).
Kyle: A friend told us about a guy standing next to him at one of our shows and it was that guys first time seeing us. Apparently he stormed off a little after we started and said “These guys are assholes!” My friend said later on he saw that same guy up front going wild and having a great time.

MI: Are there any bands out there that you guys look up to that do the vulgar, twisted thing as well, like Steel Panther for example?
Kyle: I like steel Panther, but I wouldn’t say I listen to them all that much. Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die is, in my opinion, the best lyricist out there. Also, Andrew WK is a God.
Jeff: I fucking love Steel Panther. I flew to California to see them when they were still called Metal Skool.

MI: Tell me about your upcoming show on New Year’s Eve at the Frequency. What can people look forward to?
CT: The first thing you can look forward to is the opening bands. The American Plains and Lorem are both playing their first shows and all the members have previously been in killer bands. They’ll both be awesome! Pussy Vulturez is playing, which is a party in itself. Good times always! The American Dead is one of our favorites and if you don’t know it’s time to find out, “ohfuckyeah.” Bring your party hats and drinking shoes because with this line up is going to be a hard night to remember but one that you will never forget!

Check out Whisky Pig New Year’s Eve at the Frequency. Also check them out December 9th at the Brick House in Stevens Point with Wrath of the Girth and Poney, December 17th at the Crystal Corner in Madison with Droids Attack, January 21st at the Frequency with Faith Hills have Eyes. Be sure to watch out for their next EP tentatively titled Work Hard, Play Hard, Get Hard, Fuck Hard. “ohfuckyeah.”

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