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Brew City Sludge - May 2008

by Lane Klozier
Milwaukee's Way To Fall

Klozier here

Milwaukee’s Way to Fall is a proper dose of alternative metal that is radio-ready. In saying that, I in no way mean that they have sold out to sell records. Excellent lyrical content meets good melody amidst heavy-handed guitar-based music. They have been sort of off again-on again since 2002, but have never actually split up or abandoned the cause. What resonates most is the mass appeal their tunes have. This is an act that, if they find themselves in the right place at the right time, has a great chance at getting signed. Way To Fall on Myspace

I know this band’s name kinda sounds like a car…but they aren’t. They do, however, have the ability to sound like a car. A really fast supped-up one that is. IROCK Z has a vast culmination of sounds that range from straight-ahead rock to fusion. All the elements of jam are there, yet, it is kept in check by good structure that expands the parameters. A perfect example is their song Standing, which shows punk attitude surrounded by wide open chords and sweetly seasoned with a Morley-enhanced guitar solo. Live, the guys are known to quite simply kick ass…and that they will, when they head west to Minneapolis for a show at The Pub on Wisconsin. IROCK Z on Myspace

It’s my column right? Sure it is…so I can say whatever I want.

I’m so sick of Summerfest. It’s gotten to the point where they should just call it “A Night with REO Speedwagon” and get over it. Beer sales drive the act booking machine and everybody knows that REO fans really put away the Miller Light.

Next month I’ll be telling you about a new stage that will be at Summerfest this year featuring Milwaukee original bands. I can’t wait!

Remember: Deep down inside, everyone’s a rock star…’cept you.

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