Eclectic Vibes - October 2016

by Andrew Frey

October is upon us and the onslaught of this mega music month has begun. How many shows will you have under your belt before the candy hits the cracks?

Stepping across genres like Tiny Tim did tulips, Liquid Stranger has brought us chart topping reggae tracks as well as chart topping dubstep and drum n bass plus lots inbetween. He has the power to morph from one style to another with with ease and flow, but will often still choose to melt your face off, cause he’s really good at it. Pulling from his musical arsenal of six full-length albums, countless EPS and a plethora of single releases, it will be up to you to experience the extremes when his Strange and Wonderful tour beckons you to the Majestic Theater in Madison on 10/19 with Bleep Bloop, Perkulat0r, and Shlump.
Our power rock palls, Clutch have spun out another slab of true to form, gritty and abrasive hook laden tracks in the form of their latest, Psychic Warfare, which repeatedly shows off their ever clever culmination of lyrical larceny.  Building on their 11 studio album legacy, they leave no drum unpounded, no groove unslain, and and are certain to be one of the grand finale’s of this monstrous month of music when you catch them on 10/27 at the Orpheum Theater in Madison.

This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Tenuous thru 10 is Unstinting

Griz - Good Will Prevail

Griz - Good Will Prevail


Album title: Good Will Prevail
Record Label: All Good Records
Rating: 10

I hope you were expecting another bombastic trend setting release of saxophone driven electro funk from GRIZ, cause that’s what he’s spun up for you! Blasting bass and digital wizardry are cornerstones of his 13 track fourth LP, along with a smart smattering of great contributors. Be the love, share the love, and good WILL prevail!

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STS9 - The Universe Inside

STS9 - The Universe Inside


Album title: The Universe Inside
Record Label: 1320 Records
Rating: 10

Contrary to their prior instrumental offerings, this space exploration themed release is rife with vocal samples. It also offers up the first recordings with fabulous new bassist Alana Rocklin. While their signature sonic fusion of electronica, jam based explorations, and expert improvisations are still intact, their own exploration of inner and outer space has flavored some of the tracks with a delightful flourish of 21st century disco-tronica and many other tiny nuances. Catch their tour orbit across the US on 10/21 when they touch down at the Orpheum Theater in Madison.

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Thriftworks - Red Jaguar

Thriftworks - Red Jaguar


Album title: Red Jaguar
Record Label: Thriftworks Music
Rating: 8

Delicate intricacies and darkened glitches carry the listener through a bleak yet bustling aural fantasy of experimental electronica. Haunting melodies contort into glistening rhythms and distorted associations adjust into a sinister ambiance before launching into an unforeseen eruption of snitter traps and rapscallion ruckuses.

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