Eclectic Vibes - July 2018

by Andrew Frey

Igor and the Red Elvises

Igor and the Red Elvises

Forward to Fete’
La Fete de Marquette, which takes place 7/13-15, has becomes Madison’s biggest, longest (occasionally the hottest) and most multifaceted summer festival. That’s which is why I am so excited to see Ginkgoa, Feufollet, Los Lobos, and Turkuaz along with all the rest at this fest. Stop by the Cosmic Delights booth and say, “Hi!” while you are there!

Igor and Red Elvises
It has been a LONG time since the last Red Elvises album, but original member Igor Yuzov (born in Germany, raised in Ukraine and studied in Russia, but came to fame in the US after his first Folk-n-Roll band Limpopo won Ed McMahon’s Star Search) is once again touring through with a crew. They will undoubtedly be showing off a fine selection of their super catchy, highly danceable, Siberian Surf Rock hits from over the years. Looking forward to Drinking with Jesus again at High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI on 7/11.

Sabbat de Sade
Simply put, Sabbat de Sade is a Pajama Party Pillow Fight Fetish Night. WHAT? Yup! At 11 pm is when the BIG drop of pillows, balloons, and stuffed animals happens, but all night long there will be floggers, collars, cuffs, and canes available to “try”, along with many other fetish and BDSM toys to titillate and tantalate the senses (in a safe and respectful way). If this is your thing, you will be at High Noon Saloon on 7/22.

This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 is Demeritorious Thru 10 is Magniloquent

Globular - Entangled Everything

Globular - Entangled Everything


Album title: Entangled Everything
Record Label: Entangled Records
Rating: 9

Strap on your psychedelic space suit and get ready for a ride! This successfully Kickstarted release shows off Globular’s increasing adeptness at producing flows of swirling, whirling, smooth, high flying electronica. New burbles and bubbles are born and freed through every mind expanding track on Entangled Everything.

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Globular online:

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Pogo - Ascend

Pogo - Ascend


Album title: Ascend
Record Label: Self Released
Rating: 10

Our social media filled lives are filled with snippets and samples, but few utilize them the way that Pogo (aka Nick Bertke) does. His work is highly sought after and viewed (well over 100 million views on YouTube). Ascend continues his legacy with 14 tracks of catchy, kitschy, creative creations that expound upon his already amazing vision.

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The Sword - Used Future

The Sword - Used Future

The Sword

Album title: Used Future
Record Label: Razor & Tie
Rating: 9

What began as groovy galloping guitar driven stoner rock has taken nods towards classic heavy rock and added bluesy brambles to their vintage mileage as this Austin, TX band rides across endless highways headed towards often psychedelic horizons with a used future destination.

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