Eclectic Vibes - June 2012

by Andrew Frey

global dub festival

global dub festival

The ever-delightful Madison favorite, Marquette Waterfront Festival lands on June 9-10 this year. It is highlighted by Dendê & Band (Brazil/ NYC), De Temps Antan (Quebec), and the one and only Dengue Fever (Cambodia/L.A.) on Saturday. Sunday caps off with Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound, Rubblebucket and MarchFourth Marching Band. Hope to see you there!
The majestic and amazing Red Rocks amphitheater located near Morrison, CO achieved sold out status on May 18, creating a landmark bass music event for this Global Dub Festival. “The Denver area is #1 in the nation for bass music” was a claim shouted from the stage during one of the exceptionally short set breaks. I can’t help but agree. From everything that I have seen, Dubstep is gaining momentum in Colorado faster than any other city. There are bass nights, Dubstep shows and DJ events at numerous locations in the Denver area every night of the week. And people claiming to be DJs are more numerous than mosquitos!  Throughout this evening, I noted two very popular T-shirts worn by the extremely young crowd in attendance. One said , “Filthy, Dirty, Grimy Dubstep” the other , “Sex, Drugs and Dubstep.”
Dirtyloud was on stage when I managed to find a seat. They broke out a bunch of motivating whompy beats and really fired the crowd up. One double-speed whomp tune nearly ripped my neck off! Even though I only caught part of their set, they were easily a favorite of the evening.
Downlink was next and focused his grooves on more of a strobing bass approach. Scene legend Datsik followed and had generally interesting creations, but didn’t seem to motivate the crowd quite as much as those prior.  Or perhaps it was just me. I found it important to position myself the correct distance from the stage so as to not be overbassed but wasn’t always successful. If you get in the heavy bass zone and aren’t prepared, you may end up wiped out from too much bass. At one point the bass was such that it almost made me lose my balance as I headed towards a bathroom!
Dr P was my other favorite of the evening. His creations were pleasantly moody and harbored a wider variety of cadences, grooves, and rhythms. I saw thousands of arms in the air when he played the Mario whomp as well as others in his set.
The headliner, Flux Pavilion, who has a couple minor hits in the Dubstep world, certainly has benefited from adding a clubby element to his selections because this kept the bodies writhing and dancing till the very end. This was such a beautiful evening to be at Red Rocks.

This Month's Rating Scale is from 1 - Disastrous thru 10 Marvelous

Choban Elektrik  - Choban Elektrik

Choban Elektrik - Choban Elektrik

Choban Elektrik

Album title: Choban Elektrik
Record Label: self
Rating: 8

Although Brooklyn is their home, this progressive power trio finds their musical roots in Albanian, Macedonian, Greek, and Armenian folk melodies. Choban Elektrik means “Electric Shepherds” and is a name that fits them sublimely. ” Vintage Hammond organs and Fender Rhodes are harnessed along with guitar and bass to further bend and blend genres and global visions within their improvisational platitudes.

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Choban Elektrik online:

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Everyone Orchestra - Brooklyn Sessions

Everyone Orchestra - Brooklyn Sessions

Everyone Orchestra

Album title: Brooklyn Sessions
Record Label: Harmonized Records
Rating: 9

Smooth and flowing as well as rich and varied improv jam-rock featuring a bunch of stellar musicians ranging from Jon Fishman (Phish) to keyboardist/pianist Marco Benevento to saxophonist Jeff Coffin (Dave Mathews Band) to guitarist Steve Kimock, and bassist Reed Mathis (Tea Leaf Green), among others. They are all harnessed and conducted by the electrifying Matt Butler, the force and vision behind the group.  By managing to focus the collaborative talent in an ambitious but ultimately gratifying direction he has managed to produce a noteworthy and highly listenable release.

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Morbid Saint - Spectrum of Death

Morbid Saint - Spectrum of Death

Morbid Saint

Album title: Spectrum of Death
Record Label: Relapse Records
Rating: 8

Wisconsin grown - gurgling, growling, gnarly thrash metal with ridiculous and blistering solos plus breakneck rhythms a la early Slayer, which is appropriate for this 1988 thrash vinyl reissue. Although production values weren’t what they are now, the spirit, energy and vitality of the time soars through every note!

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Mörglbl - Brutal_Romance

Mörglbl - Brutal_Romance


Album title: Brutal_Romance
Record Label: Free Electric Sound
Rating: 9

With a name like this, you may expect punishing death metal, but this is not that. Instead, this French instrumental trio blends a progressive energetic jazzy element with their hard rock and technical metal to create a tantalizing full flavored offering. Additionally, band members Christophe Godin (guitars), Ivan Rougny (bass), and Aurelian Ouzoulias (drums) are each also valued clinicians when not busy crushing and destroying the world as Mörglbl.

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