Eclectic Vibes - February 2013

by Andrew Frey

patchwork monkey

patchwork monkey

Monkey Mania?
If you are in the mood for monkeys, look no further than Madison’s own Patchwork Monkey. This kitchy and cool 5 piece fronted by the lovely and vocally enchanting Rebecca Sites professes to be a bawdy blues rock outfit, but spend equal time venturing into loungy jazz, retro ramblings, and candid psychedelic sanctuaries. You can find out for sure, because they will be stroking their monkeys and doing their thing at the Dragon Fly Lounge on 2/13 as part of the Rökker Vodka Chef’s Table event. (

Breaking Biscuits
Last summer I had a chance to see Break Science play with RJD2 at the wild and crazy Summer Set Festival. Their set was blazing hot (both musically and temperature wise) and I vowed to see them again if the chance arose and so it has! For those who are unfamiliar, Break Science is on the Pretty Lights label and the fantastic duo is comprised of Adam Deitch and Borahm Lee. They have over 30 years combined experience in music, performing with and producing many of today’s hottest artists and living legends. ( Catch them at the Majestic Theater in Madison on 2/21 they will be opening for Conspirator.

Conspirator may have started as a Disco Biscuits side project, but it has bloomed into quite an undeniable force. Touring in support of their new release “Unleashed” which combines electronic rock with dancefloor blasting dubstep, this will certainly be a show to knock your socks off and burn off the winter blues. (

The Voice of Vusi Mahlasela
He’s often simply called “The Voice” in his home country of South Africa and on 2/15 at The Sett (UW Memorial Union South) you will have a chance to see why. He’s touring in support of the recently released “Sing to the People” album, a live recording that includes songs from throughout the first twenty years of his career. This year, the SAMA Awards (South African Music Awards) chose to honor Vusi with a Lifetime Achievement award to recognize his accomplishments both at home and abroad. Come be a part of this historic tour. (

Domino Legacy
With an uncle named Fats, Eddie Domino has had legendary shoes to fill. Playing piano since age 9 and continuing on till today Eddie shows off New Orleans flavor with a Chicago fervor, earning him the nickname ‘Lil Fats’. He has penned 100s of original compositions that draw from a lifetime of experiences near and far and is excited to play them for you. Eddie Domino will be playing at Up North Bar on 3/1 for an early show (6-9 pm). If you are lucky, you may be able to talk him into playing a round of Blueberry Hill for old times sake.

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DJ Sun - one hundred

DJ Sun - one hundred

DJ Sun

Album title: one hundred
Record Label: Soular Productions
Rating: 9

DJ Sun is known in Houston for his long running radio show, Soular Grooves (Sat 9-12pm on KPFT 90.1FM), so it’s no surprise that this recording artist and DJ shows off a timeless time-forgotten era of soul, jazz and smooth grooves that are equally as nostalgic as they are future perfect. Dusty delights from a jazzy neverland.

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DJ Sun online:

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Sidecar Tommy - Constant Flux

Sidecar Tommy - Constant Flux

Sidecar Tommy

Album title: Constant Flux
Record Label: self
Rating: 9

Tommy Cappel AKA Sidecar Tommy is best known as being a part of the amazing gypsy-tronic trio Beats Antique. This solo release allows a different aspect of his musical interests to show forth. While still firmly in the electronic realm, we are treated to more chilled, downtempo glitch hop (without the middle eastern element Beats Antique is renowned for). But it is still catchy and quirky and enticing to listen to repeatedly, so we are all good!

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Sidecar Tommy online:

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Zebbler Encanti Experience - Psychic Projections

Zebbler Encanti Experience - Psychic Projections

Zebbler Encanti Experience

Album title: Psychic Projections
Record Label: Gravitas Recordings
Rating: 10

An audio/visual duo from Boston consisting of Ben ‘Encanti’ Cantil and Peter ‘Zebbler’ Berdovsky.  Encanti takes the lead in musical realms while Zebbler sits as master of all things visual. Together they have woven a frenzy of dynamic compositions that blast through mind-wrenching dubstep drops plateauing in downdempo melodies and cerebral sound progressions. In high demand, Zebbler was architect behind the projection-mapped projects Shpongletron and EOTOtron in addition to acting as VJ for well over 100 international shows for both groups. Something quite special here…

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Zebbler Encanti Experience online:

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