Letter To The People - April 2014

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Madison East Poms 2014

Madison East Poms 2014

Max Ink Radio: Happy 3rd Birthday to MIR! And give it up for Jimmy K too! He has worked with our team of DJs to reformat Max Ink Radio. The new format still allows for our anchor shows like the Jimmy K Show, Burn Baby Burn with Jake Boyardi, The Record Store, and BS Live Rocks in the evenings and weekends, but Monday through Friday from 6am-7pm central time will have consistent DJ’s in two hour slots, slightly themed. Go Maxinkradio.com!

EJ’s Cafe | 6-8am: Eric & Julia host this show from their beautiful studio and feature folk and singer-songwriter material. Much of it local and some of it recorded live on site.

R√∂kker in the Morning | 8-10: Hey, that’s my show! I always start with some music for the head, and then dig through my closet looking for lost nuggets.. local, national, metal, rock, classic, progressive, jazz, blues… you never know what’s in my closet!

Backstage Vibe Live | 10am-Noon: Mel & Rae host this show full of laughs, oddities, and lots of indie and local music.

Tommy Trigger’s Outlaw Hideout Lunch | Noon-1pm: It’s a full hour of tasty vittles that include local and national Americana, Folk, and Country roots music. Every Friday Tommy serves up “Wisconsicana,”  100% Wisconsin Artists!

Stoner Rock Revolution | 1-3pm: Steel Toe Dan serves up the best Stoner Rock, Doom, and Metal from around the country including nice nuggets from local artist. Plus, Dan tells you where you can catch all the great Stoner Rock shows here in Madison and around Wisconsin.

Phoenix Camerah: Local and regional music from the Niagara Music Scene in St. Catharines, Ontario. Plus the Niagara Music calendar update, interviews and fun special guests.

Jimmy K Rush Hour | 5-7pm: Jimmy K starts with Rush Hour, a full hour of your requests to help with your ride home from work or school. Just email request@maxinkradio.com.

Adventures with Lizzie & Nikko: Lizzie finished the first-ever Madison East pom-pom season with a series of performances showcasing the squad’s routines from the year. The best one (I only say best because that’s the one I attended) was in the school’s theater. Nikko came along with me (he was on early release that day) to video capture the event for grandpa & grandma in Florida. We sat in the silent theater waiting when the bell rang. Suddenly, the theater was filled with the din of a few hundred high school students, Nikko and I in the middle, front row. The lights dimmed, the curtains opened and we were rocked in our seats. Congrats to Lizzie, the team, and Ms. Frankenberg for your successful season!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife Allison Rocker! Give her a shout on Facebook!

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