Letter To The People - December 2002

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Bradley Fish with a haircut

Bradley Fish with a haircut

Hey Everybody!

This issue goes out to Bradley Fish and all of the crazy musicians he’s jammin’ with in Israel!! Bradley left for the Middle East in October. Since then, he’s floated in the Dead Sea, been to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and camped in the Negev Desert. Did I mention that he’s having a great time? He told me he’s been writing and has a whole bunch of new material that he plans on recording in Israel. But you may not recognize him, he recently got the long dreads lopped off and now sports a goatee.

NEXT ISSUE: For the last couple years Maximum Ink has been publishing on the first Friday of every month. For the January, 2003 issue we are going to take a week’s vacation, enjoy the holidays and publish on January 10th. FYI.

NEW YEAR’S EVE 2003 with LAST CRACK: Last Crack will headline the Maximum Ink/WJJO Rock The Eve on Tuesday, December 31st at the Annex. Their special guests are Driver, Muzzy Luctin, Donny Bakken Band and Magic 7. Yes, you read that correctly. We’ve gotten ALL of the members that were ever in Magic 7 to figure out which tunes they’ll play on, so every version of the band will be represented!

Here’s the catch. Magic 7 will go on first, so make sure you get enough sleep the night before, this is going to be a long night. Also, the last Last Crack show sold out before the doors opened. Some people missed out because they didn’t get their tickets in advance, even though they were at the front of the line. Please get your tickets in advance at the Regent Street Retreat, Madcity Music Exchange, Drums n’ Moore or online at www.LastCrack.net .

EROTIC EXOTIC - Annex - Madison - 12/19: Some bands have no bassist, but Must has two. Named after the state of sexual arousal of an elephant, Must headline this crazy event of music, video and fetish. Did I say fetish? In fact, if you come dressed in your fetish outfit, you get in the door for free. You are encouraged to break out that teddy, sport your nipple rings or show up in your leather trousers with the ass cheeks cut out. The Cardinal Bar in Madison has had fetish night for years, but this new fetish scene is set to the tone of rock ‘n roll.

Polymorphous Perverse kicks off the show and Madison’s experimental-instrumental improv unit, Crünchy Söck, fill up the middle. Crünchy Söck features Maximum Ink associate editor and hard-rock organist Jeff Muendel, who recently printed a second run of his book “Beer Goggles And Amplifiers,” a novella of fictional short stories loosely based on his touring experiences. you can purchase the book at Amazon.com, it makes a great gift. My mom couldn’t put it down, my dad asked me, “Son, did this really happen to you boys?” - I had been on some of the above mentioned touring with Jeff in our younger days. Guilty I say!

EXIT: Milwaukee’s pop-rock band Exit, a Kulczyk favorite, received some industry recognition by becoming Cornerband.com’s “Top Band Of The Week” (Dec. 1-8) up from number 8 last week. Cornerband.com, an indie site similar to Garageband.com, was founded in 1999 and is based in Boulder, Colorado. Cornerband.com partners with Kazaa network and other national and regional media to form an online music community dedicated to the promotion and distribution of secure, downloadable music from artists.

ADVENTURES WITH ELIZABETH: Elizabeth is still waiting for her sibling. In the meantime, we celebrated the holidays early so my parents can become snowbirds as soon as the new one is here. Elizabeth added about ten pounds of Barbi clothing and a Barbi bus. Not to mention tons of books, games and clothes that actually fit her instead of Mary-Kate and Ashley or one of the Barbi sisters. Ken didn’t get anything, he has 10 Barbies, what does he need beyond that?
See you next year! Rökker

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