Letter to the People - December 2013

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Peter Streicher. I first met Pete around the time he and his brother Todd were starting up a music magazine that included a whole lot of humor called the Rock n’ Roll Probe, if memory serves correctly, in 1994.

Editorial meetings in the garage were fun times and the most memorable headline was their infamous “STONES CANCEL” just a few days before the Rolling Stones were to play Camp Randall in Madison. Nothing gets you famous faster than controversy!

Of course, the newspaper industry is not for everyone, believe me, and the brothers moved on to other ventures. Pete worked at Sleepless Nights Studios in the early days of duping, producing CD and cassette covers for a zillion bands.

Todd went on to form 5Nines Data, where he’s currently the CEO.

Jimmy K Show: The Jimmy K Show is going to broadcast live from the Frequency in Madison on Tuesday, Dec. 17th from 7-10pm. It’s Jimmy’s birthday, so come down and celebrate with Jimmy K, Edub and myself. We’ll have performances by I Am Dragon, Owen Mays, and Comedian Nick Hart… plus interviews, Dumb Ass News, Trixie, and more! Listen to the broadcast at Maxinkradio.com or get the app for your smartphone at Tunein.com.

No Talk Radio With Rökker: Yep! I have my own radio show on Max Ink Radio. I broadcast Tuesday mornings from 8am to noon. Until recently, I didn’t have a microphone set up in the home studio, so the show was “No Talk”. Well, I may have to change the name of the show, I now have a mic, and I talk.

Max Ink Friday Nights: Max Ink radio has put together a Street Team, to go out on Friday nights from 7-10pm and “check in” from shows happening around town. Jimmy K is the host and spins lots of jamming music (a ton of local) and street teamers let you know what’s happening around town, at the scene of the show. Tune in to Maxinkradio.com on Fridays or if you’re out, give Jimmy a call on the Max Ink Radio studio line at 608-403-4465.

Controlled Chaos: Join me to celebrate Sheila’s b-day at the Frequency on Friday, Dec. 6th and the Bayou on Dec. 7. Sheila started Controlled Chaos to promote local music around Madison. Come down Friday to see live music from Sexy Ester, Shane Shane, Cowboy Winter, and Royal Station. Sponsored by the Mamas and Rökker Vodka.

Adventures with Nikolai: Nikko joined the basketball team. It looks like he’ll be playing in a half dozen games this season! He’s going to do a lot better than me, I was 2nd string on the B team….

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