Letter to the People - February 2013

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

bryan carlstrom with don bakken of last crack

bryan carlstrom with don bakken of last crack

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Bryan Carlstrom. Bryan was an engineer and producer for many of the great albums since the late 80’s. He worked on many recordings with legendary producer Dave Jerden including Jane’s Addiction, Alice In Chains, Anthrax, Kiss, Last Crack, Rattlebone. The latter two bands, Last Crack and Rattlebone featured Madison based musicians.

Dave and Bryan recorded AIC’s Dirt, Last Crack’s Burning Time, and Rattlebone’s debut in successive order. Later, Bryan would become a producer in his own right and even started his own top notch recording studio in Los Angeles.

A great person and a giant in the industry, Bryan Carlstrom, you will be missed. RIP.

Rökker Vodka Chef’s Table: Last month, I had my first Chef’s Table at the Nautigal Restaurant on Madison’s North Side. It was a fabulous success and the food was beyond good! Thanx so much to Gayle and the rest of the crew for helping me put on such a fantastic event.

The next Rökker Vodka Chef’s Table will take place at Bellini Italian Restaurant which is located a few blocks east of the capitol on E. Washington. Chef Todd Ryan Downing, who we affectionately know as Rhino, has put together a four course Rökker Vodka infused menu (see ad for menu and reservation details). Afterwards will be two bands fit for a couples night out, A Torrid Affair and Patchwork Monkey. The bands will start at 9pm and are included in the dinner fee.

The best part is that the event is scheduled for Valentine’s Eve, February 13th, or 2-13-2013. So if you’re like me, and haven’t planned anything for Valentine’s Day for your girl, this is for you! You don’t have to do anything, just dress up and come down, we have your night of togetherness planned out! Drinks, dinner, martinis, and live music.

I’ll be shaking Rökkertini samples and sharing the story of Rökker Vodka and how it’s made at Yahara Bay Distillery right here in Madison!

Distill America: If you havn’t been to Distill America, get your tickets now! In its fifth year, the event attracts distillers from every corner of the country. You get to meet and greet master distillers and taste their wares! I’ll be at the Rökker Vodka table, so come find me! Last year’s event was so fun! Kudos to Star Liquor, the Malt House, and Wisconsin Distiller’s Guild for putting this event on! Tickets available at Steve’s Liquor (Univ. Ave.,  Junction Rd.), Barriques (Fitchburg, Monroe St.), Cannery Wine in Sun Prairie, Star Liquor, The Malt House, the Great Lakes Distillery, and DistillAmerica.com.

Sexy Ester: Sexy Ester has their CD release party schedule at the Inferno in Madison for March 30th. Rökker Vodka is sponsoring this event so I’ll be on hand to do sampling and check out the new songs. For more info, go to SexyEster.com.

Mad Polecats: Those crazy Polecats will be at the Club Tavern on Friday, February 8th and they’ll be debuting some new songs that will be on their next album. I’ll be in attendance doing some Rökker Vodka tastings. Go to Facebook.com/the.madpolecats for more info.

Lords of the Trident/Tiger Clutch/Government Zero: Tiger Clutch is back with a new vocalist, Lords Of The Trident has new material and Government Zero is just too punk! Check out this crazy show with Rökker Vodka at the Crystal Corner in Madison on Saturday, February 9th. I’ll be in person to sample, but of course!

Local Love Fest: Brad Van has been putting out the Local Love Fest compilation for a few years now, and recording is underway for the 2013 version. The compilation CD gets local bands to cover other local bands’ songs. This year, YLAB will cover Last Crack’s Slicing Steel from the debut album Sinister Funkhouse #17. Find more info at Facebook.com/LocalLoveFest.



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