Letter To The People - January 2012

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Max Ink Radio.... Radio for the People!

Max Ink Radio.... Radio for the People!

Rökker Vodka: Thanx to everybody who came out to Yahara Bay Distillery for the RV holiday party! What a fun night, all the different colored martinis made it feel like the cantina on Tattoine. The food from Bandung and Bellini was so tasty, and everyone loved seeing the still in action. Everyone hated smelling the “heads” which is what they remove (toxins and really bad stuff) but really loved the heads removal the next day.

Jaymie from Trickie Tongue Twisters came out to sample new gelatin shots made with Rökker Vodka that are super yummy and have great names. They will be become available in Madison soon but if you want to get a head start we’ll be doing a sample tasting at the Lazy Oaf Lounge on Stoughton Road on July 28th at 8pm. Come down try a Trickie Tongue Twister with Rökker. You can find her company on a Facebook search. Like.

Max Ink Radio: Last April we started an online radio station. It was a little slow at first, not too many shows, but over time, little by little, it’s been coming along. Tune in at Maxinkradio.com and check it out! Here’s a highlight of shows.

Hedonism: Mondays 3-6pm
Features DJ Erotic Jesus and his version of hedonism. A show as wide open as they come! Hard to find nuggets you never heard from bands you love, crazy covers, Milwaukee and Madison bands… there’s no limit.

Metal Shred Show: M-W-F 9am-12pm
Monday and Wednesday feature DJ Zed playing metal fav’s as well as new and crazy shredding. Zed’s from Idaho but it feels like he’s in Madison. Everybody loves DJ Zed and there’s always a full chat room.

Stoner Rock Revolution: Tuesdays 1-4pm
Local artist Steel Toe Dan broadcasts from his tattoo parlor in Madison and spins great favorite and unheard stoner rock and metal. Get some ink while he’s doin’ a show!

E-Sports: Tuesdays 4-6pm
Join Edub & Erotic Jesus host our first Sports Talk Radio Show. Listen to the two Fantasy Pros battle it out mono y mono!

The Bastard Den: Tuesdays 6-9pm
It’s that local music show hosted by Max Ink Radio’s program director Jimmy K, and co-hosted by Edub, which features music and interviews of local artists as well as a national/international artist occasionally. Closest thing to a morning show you can have at night and eat Mrs. K’s homemade cookies in the chat room.

Ear Worms: Tuesdays 9pm-12am
DJ Ryan Shremp and his out of hand sorta crazy show. I guess you’ll just have to listen.

Burn Baby Burn: Wednesdays 3-6pm
A celebrity mixologist as guitarist/singer for the Madison band The Gusto, Jake Midas Boyardi plays a great mix of new, classic, local and rare punk rock. He’s kinda funny too and makes a hell of a martini.

Whopatooie: Wednesdays 6-9pm
An internet radio fan turned DJ, DJ Bunny hales from Minneapolis and is MIR’s only pop radio show. Go figure, the chat rooms always full.

Outlaw Hideout: Thursdays 6-9pm
DJ Tommy Trigger broadcasts from somewhere near Milwaukee but information is sketchy on the exact location. This ain’t the new country crap, this is the classics like Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash to locals like God’s Outlaw and Miss Meaghan Owens as well as a ton you probably never heard of… cause it’s outlaw!

Full Metal Monkey: Friday’s 3-6pm
Dave Pickett was the big scary guy with the beard from a local Madison comedy group. He recently picked up the family and moved to Norway. I’m not sure why, but now he broadcasts a metal show along with a bunch of other crazy Norwegians who’ve stayed up all night so they can do a show for us at a decent time.

The Dirty Jeff Show: Sundays 3-6pm
I’m not sure what to say about this, Dirty Jeff’s comedy show, enter at your own risk.

In The Studio: Sundays 6-7pm
This show will feature a singular group or artist for the entire show including music and interview. Keep posted to the schedule as these shows are specials.

Coming soon is the Dan Potacke Show as well. We are looking for a blues enthusiast to head up a blues show, hint hint. If you are interested, email programdirector@maxinkradio.com.

Sex For the People: Max Ink is starting an advise column in February. A local columnist will provide commentary and answer questions emailed by Max Ink readers to the following email address: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Adventures with Nikko and Lizzie: Elizabeth has become a vampiress bookworm. Over the winter break she read more books on vampires than thought humanly possible. I keep checking her teeth and skin color, and she is aging, against my hope, so I guess she’s alright. At least Nikko is still into Star Wars.

Speaking of Nikko, he just turned 9. He’s funny, smart, and very good at video games.. of course, right?

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