Letter to the People - June 2013

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Lexi and Lizzie at dance recital 2013 - photo by Rökker

Lexi and Lizzie at dance recital 2013
photo by Rökker

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Phil “Philo” Buerstatte (Last Crack, White Zombie). A brilliant mind and sometimes tortured soul, his genius behind the drum set inspired many a drummer, both in Madison and throughout the world. His enthusiasm and charm contagious, he is legend. May his memory be a blessing in the hearts and minds of those who loved him.

The MAMA Award Show appearance for Last Crack has been canceled: rumor has it there may be a tribute show for Philo later this summer.

Jimmy K Show: If you haven’t been down to the Wisco on Willy Street in Madison to see the Jimmy K show, you’re missing out! Tuesday nights have been getting more and more fun! The studio audience has been reaching 30-50 people and the outside area is a who’s who of local Madison personalities. Networking in the music scene has become a welcome side effect.

The Jimmy K Show has a new website! Just go to Maxinkradio.com and click “Jimmy K Show” and boom! you will see what’s coming up next week, and we’ll be archiving all the past shows. Right now, we have everything up since the end of March 2013. A work in progress, but lots of fun hearing all the interviews again, plus songs performed acoustic by the featured band.

The Jimmy K Show is moving to a new time, 7-10pm central on Tuesday nights. The show is broadcast live on Maxinkradio.com as well as to the live studio audience at the Wisco (Willy Street Pub).

MAMA Awards: Come down to the MAMA Award show on Sunday, June 23rd at the Overture Center in Madison. I’ll be presenting one award and Maximum Ink, Max Ink Radio, and Jimmy K are all finalists for awards. Look for the MIR crew out front at a table, this will be our third time around!

Rökker Vodka: Vic Pierce is a liquor store in Maple Bluff on Madison’s northside, right next to Drakenberg’s Cigar Bar and adjacent to the Inferno. Some may know them as the only liquor store in Madcity that’s open till midnight, but they should be known for their great selection and service. VP is a small guy trying to make it in the sea of giant grocers and superstores. Stop in and grab a bottle of Rökker Vodka and say hello to Debbie the owner of Vic Pierce, she’s a wonderful lady.

While you’re at it, stop in and say hello to Jerry & Adam over at Star Liquor on Willy Street. Those guys do a phenomenal job with the Malt Society and Distill America, a micro-distillery convention that draws distilleries from across the US to Madison every February.

Adventures with Lizzie & Nikko: Virginia Davis School of Dance had their annual recital last month and Lizzie performed in three dances; jazz, ballet, and a duet with her friend Lexi. This year was spectacular as the costumes and choreography were the best I’ve seen.

Lizzie also tried out for the pom pom squad and made it. She had to compete against 40 girls, of which only 20 made the team! I am very proud of her. She worked hard to memorize routines and cheers. Can’t wait to see her cheer a game next year!

Nikolai has been kayaking and canoeing in class at school. He is eager to get over to Lake Wingra this summer, we like to get there really early and kayak the morning away!

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