Letter to the People - May 2014

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Lizzie is turning Sweet Sixteen

Lizzie is turning Sweet Sixteen

Phox: Where in the world is Monica Monica? France? Amsterdam? London? Madison? With the upcoming release of their new album on Partisan Records on June 24th, and the debut of their new video “Slow Motion”, Phox is out touring Europe, then the states and ending up in Madison at the High Noon Saloon on August 7 & 8 before heading back out on tour. Forget about August 8th though, it sold out right away so the promoter True Endeavors added a second show. Whew! Ryan Schremp told us these guys were going to blow up, and he was right! Also, congrats to the band for winning a plethora of WAMI awards including Artist of the Year. For more go to Facebook.com/phoxband.

Salvatore’s Tomato Pies: Speaking of Phox, did you know owner of Salvatore’s in Sun Prairie, Patrick DePula (also a musician), named one of his tomato pies the “Phox” after the band stopped in his restaurant? Now you do. He also makes crust the old school way, minimal ingredients (no bad stuff) and throws them spinning in the air for all to see. If that’s not enough, his pies have plenty of tomato sauce and the motto on the t-shirt he gave me says Wisco no Sysco! Call ahead or hit them up on Facebook, they’re always packed. I’m waiting patiently for him to open a Madison location as it’s now the kid’s favorite Za!

Rökker Vodka: When I was a student at the UW in the 80’s the Plaza Tavern was already legendary in Madison. Always an interesting crowd, great burgers, and lots of pool. The Plaza now carries Rökker Vodka and I’ll be hanging out once again at the Plaza on Wednesday, May 21st to sample and talk, you guessed it, VODKA!

May 9th I’ll be Darth Rökker for Inferno Wars, a Star Wars cosplay event with live music from the Moguls, a Star Wars Fetish stage, lightsaber competitions, costume contest and more. Hosted by La Bomba Waters, this should be a very fun event! It all happens at the Inferno in Madison and there will be a few Rökker Vodka Star Warsian drinks on special!

May 29th brings the Beer & Chocolate Tasting at the Goodman Center with live music from VO5 and a wide array of beer tastings from local craft brewers, outstanding artisanal chocolate samples and a selection of local cheese and hor d’oeuvres, and Rökker Vodka.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet local brewers, vodkateurs and chocolatiers as you sample their products and learn more about their craft. Get tickets and more info at goodmancenter.org/events/beer-chocolate-tasting.

Adventures with Lizzie: Happy 16th Birthday to Lizzie! Sweet sixteen and I don’t even feel dizzy! A huge congratulations is in order as she was accepted into the National Honor Society. All of those volunteer hours paid off!! Enjoy this picture taken at Salvatore’s.

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