Letter To The People - November 2014

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

The Empress, Paul Allender, Darth Rökker downstairs at the Frequency in Madison, WI - photo by Ferris.B Photography

The Empress, Paul Allender, Darth Rökker downstairs at the Frequency in Madison, WI
photo by Ferris.B Photography

Rökker’s Birthday Party: I’m having a little get together for my birthday this year at Madison’s Yahara Bay Distillery (yaharabay.com) on Thursday, November 13th from 5-10pm. Stop in to the distillery for a tour and a Rökker Vodka tasting from me, as well as taste the rest of the wonderful products made at Yahara Bay. If you have never been to the distillery, this would be a good first time!

Cornerstone Reunion: Happy Birthday Black n Tan and Chris Long! Black n Tan’s annual Birthday Funktacular happens at the High Noon Saloon in Madison on Saturday, November 29th. The event brings guitarist Chris Long (Cornerstone) back to Madison and it looks like it will be a monstrous Cornerstone reunion pulling bassists Philly Meier and Adam Isaac and myself on drums for a few songs, as well as a few guests Chris bringing in from his Chicago days. It should prove to be a night of songs all over the Cornerstone board and maybe we’ll even see Black n Tan himself on harmonica. The last reunion show was in 2002, so don’t miss out! Also playing that night will be the local, funky blues of Charlie Brooks and the Way it is.

Halloween: Thanx to all who came out for the Halloween Spööktakular weekend with White Empress. Ten days before their mini-tour, the drummer from White Empress was forced to quit citing personal reasons, but that didn’t stop the Empress! They had a drummer who had never heard the band’s music fly out from Los Angeles to learn the music and perform the shows in a one week period. A pretty tall order if you listen to their music. Drummer Jon Siren was brilliant and the band performed as if they’d been together for years. The show must go on.

A secondary story includes From The Light Rose Angels, a band that came out from Los Angeles to mini-tour the midwest with their buds White Empress. The van made it to St. Louis where it was subsequently scrapped. The band was on the edge but managed to get a last minute rental and still make all of their shows. In the face of their tour busting they triumphed and played a great show for us on Halloween, we salute you!

Adventures with Lizzie/Nikko: They have pillow cases full of candy, I’ll let you know when they come down.

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