Letter to the People - October 2013

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Lizzie and Sophie, BFF

Lizzie and Sophie, BFF

Hey Everybody!

Halloween is back and there’s plenty happening. Most of the big Halloween parties happen on Friday and Saturday, October 25-26, like Freak Fest and Maximum Ink’s Halloween Spooktakular, but there are also many shows happening on Halloween proper, as it falls on a Thursday.

Our Calendar Queen, Deb Fields, put togther a little highlight for some of the area parties.

Maximum Ink’s 11th Annual Halloween Spooktakular will be held at the Frequency in Madison on 10/25-26

. Doors open at 9pm each night and admission is free.

Friday, you can catch Madison’s Bierfoot tributing METALLICA, Lords of the Trident as Judas Priest, plus 2 bands that will be named later.

Saturday’s fare is a bit punkier, with local favorites I Am Dragon playing a surprise set of covers.. in drag maybe? I’m not sure, it will be a surprise. Female-fronted punksters The Skizzwhores will show up as Division Bikini, tributing both Joy Division and Bikini Kill.

Darwin, owner of the Frequency, will hit the stage as the bassist in Droids Attack, who will be tributing THE MELVINS, and we’ll finish off the event with Cast in Fire, featuring Max Ink writer Chris Fox on bass, they will be tributing PANTERA.

Sponsored by Max Ink Radio, Rökker Vodka, Trixies Liquor, and Scorpion Shot. Rumor has it, they’ll have the Black Scorpions in stock!


: Thursday, October 17th at the High Noon Saloon will be the final RAW show for the year. RAW is a collective of Artists; hair style, make up, photography, music, painting, fashion… you name it! All of the artists set up a table to display their wares and a TON of people show up to view, purchase and take in the vast amount of displayed art. Patrons are also treated to a few fashion shows served up on the stage and runway, as well as some live music and other goodies.

Every show has a theme and name, this time is called Encompass. RAW has me come down and do tastings of my ARTISINALLY-made Rökker Vodka, which is always a big hit with the artist folks! Who doesn’t like a good taste of vodka?

Each show they have been coming up with a bunch of gorgeous models to be the Rökker Vodka girls for the night. The first, a model named Irish Jewel, was amazing as it was a James Bond theme and she came in a very nice slim fit dress and of course, hair and make up done up by Cassie Redmond and crew. Ooh la la!

For the next time around, Raw provided me with three great models. They did up all the hair and make up and then dressed the girls Black Tape Project style… meaning they were wearing almost exclusively Black Electrical Tape. The artist cuts the tape into zillions of little shapes and then applies it to the basically “naked” model… it’s pretty hot!

For October’s show, Encompass, we will be doing a Star Wars theme, so we’ll take the models and Black Tape Project them into Sith Apprentice Night Sisters…. and I’ll make an appearance as the Sith Lord. We’ll be gracing the runway as our own fashion show. We’ll be working with Racine tattoo artist Dee Hutch who will do the Black Tape. I know, everyone wants his job! Enjoy Ariel, Rain, and Alexis from the last show! And special thanx for the behind personel; design by Ryan Robinson, make up by Brittany Esser, hair by Jamie McKearn and photo by Bradlee Bertram.

for more info go facebook.com/RAWartistsMadison


: Happy 50th birthday to longtime Madison journalist and WORT DJ Sal Serio. He was writing for Night Sites & Sounds before I got him…. attend his b-day party on October 18th at the Frequency with Reverend Norb and the Onions, Chaos Revolution Theory and more!

Adventures with Lizzie

: We made it through homecoming, and the Purgolders scored some points this time. Lizzie and the Pom Pom squad performed in front of a really big home crowd at Lussier Stadium. She had a good support group of Grandpa Jerry, Grandmas Michelle and Harriet, brother Nikko, Alice, and me… Dad. We also ran into Deb Fields and John Nordbo as well, so it was just a big giant party in the bleachers.

Adventures with Nikolai

: Nikko started playing percussion in school. Now I get to learn all of the sticking patterns the correct way… with Nikko doing the correcting! LMAO! Soon I’ll get to see a recital, he’ll be playing a few instruments including triangle and snare drum. That “Real Feel” pad I bought from Rand at Drums n’ Moore all those years ago is going to really pay off… and save my ears!

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