Letter To The People - October 2014

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Lizzie and the girls, look out boys! - photo by Allison Rocker

Lizzie and the girls, look out boys!
photo by Allison Rocker

Get Out The Vote: Here it is PEOPLE, make sure to take up your right to vote in the upcoming election on November 4th. This year, you will need a photo ID or driver’s license, and if you are not registered to vote yet, make sure to register before election day. Also, give yourself time to get the ID from the DMV, it takes 10 business days to get it mailed to you.

Food-a-Rama: the 48th annual Food-a-Rama, that election day luncheon featuring corned beef sandwiches, kosher style hotdogs and a mediterranean veggie platter is held at Temple Beth El in Madison on Tuesday, November 4th. You can get carry out or have lunches delivered to your office at no extra charge. For a full menu and order form online go to www.food-a-rama.com. A portion of the proceeds go to benefit DAIS and Camp Shalom.

Halloween Spööktakular Weekend: No tribute bands, no costume contest, no cover charge. That’s right, bands will play as themselves this year, how novel, right?

It all starts with White Empress. Shortly after getting signed this summer by Peaceville Records, vocalist Mary Zimmer and I started talking about a debut show here in Madison. Ironically, Darwin (Frequency owner) and I had been talking about ditching the tribute band idea for all original music and what better way to break that in than with TWO nights of White Empress? Not enough you say? Ok then, White Empress will do a different set each night.

The Halloween weekend turned into a mini-tour for the band to get them ready for an upcoming tour (Read all about them in Chis Fox’s interview with Mary and founder Paul Allender).

Friday Spööktakular: Mary’s friend, VK Lynne and former singer from stOrk, is also debuting her new band from Los Angeles, From Light Rose The Angels, and they’re jumping on the mini-tour and playing our Halloween Spööktakular on 10/31 (read about FLRTA in Teri Barr’s interview of VK Lynne).

The Skizzwhores played as a tribute band last year, but this year it’s all original. They were thrilled to find out they had to cover themselves.

Made Of Blocks rounds out that night. A trio that includes Ben Ligocki on guitar, Max Ink Radio DJ Ryan Schremp on bass and Adam Manos who used to be the drummer for Awesome Car Funmaker (whom you might remember from the cover of Maximum Ink in July 2005).

Saturday Spööktakular: Another band that’s not half bad is NOT DEAD YET. They debuted the new band featuring Chandon Vicarious (4AM, Tiger Clutch), Chris Weber, Chris Kasper and Joseph Reedy at Max Ink Radio DJ Edub’s 40th birthday party. They were a really good, hard hitting punk rock band, all from the heart, we had to book ‘em for ya! They’ll be playing the Saturday night Spööktakular along with their compadres of punk Government Zero and The Faith Hills Have Eyes.

I’d really like to thank some local businesses that came on board to make this show possible: Max Ink Radio, Cheba Hut, Rökker Vodka, Earwax, Madcity Music X-Change, Rick’s Olde Gold, Trixie’s Liquor, Jim’s Meat Market, Ignite Glass, and the Frequency.

Rökker Vodka: RV is now available at a few more Copp’s Food Stores in Madison. Joining the Whitney Way location are Shopko Drive on the northeast side, Monona Drive, and Cahill Main in Fitchburg.

Cover Art: Kudos go out to cover designer Ian Chalgren who did a fantastic job at theming our cover this month.

Adventures with Lizzie & Nikko: It isn’t often enough that my dad (Jerry) ,my son (Nikko), and I all get out for a day on the lake fishing, especially in a boat captained by Last Crack guitarist and my good friend Don Bakken. An early stormfront kicked the waves up in Lake Monona, so our early expedition found a few pan fish in the channels of the Yahara River before seeking shelter from the rain under the Broadway Bridge on the way to Mudd Lake.

Meanwhile, the girls all went shopping for a homecoming dress… and accessories. Grandma’s Michelle and Harriet, Alice, and Lizzie spent the day looking for that ever-elusive, perfect, homecoming dress. I think they found it! And a week later it seemed like the whole poms team came over to do their make up and get ready for their night out, they’re quite a bunch, look out boys!

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