Letter to the People - September 2013

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Lizzie's ponytail

Lizzie's ponytail

This issue is dedicated to the memory of the Regent Street Retreat/Annex. I will never forget the Horndog, Steve Horn, who is mainly responsible for breathing life into the live music room there back in the mid-nineties. He convinced me to move my annual existence party from the Mango Grille to the Annex where it became known as Bomblastica. I won’t forget Jamison, who booked that room for many years, and even Darwin Sampson who left there to start his own club, the Frequency.

The RSR has so much history for me, from the Last Crack shows and recordings to bringing in the Electric Hellfire Club and Acid Bath, I remember them all fondly.

The RSR was sold and the new owners have taken over and the building is being remodeled and renamed The Red Zone Madison.

THE RED ZONE MADISON: Welcome new owners Rick and Ryan who come to own the old Regent Street Retreat building and remodel it after successfully owning the Stadium Bar for many years. The new owners have set their sights high and a multi-year remodeling plan has already begun. You may notice the new bricks and windows!

The Red Zone will remain a live music venue, as well as a sports bar and grill, but there’s a new sheriff in town so don’t expect things to run the way they had been.

FUNK’S PUB: Jeff Funk, who you may know from appearing on the cover of Max Ink in his band Anna Wang and the Oh Boys (bass), has recently purchased the Fitchburg bar, “Namios”. Within the next few months, they’ll be making some changes and adding live music to the mix. Welcome to the bar business, Jeff!

THE MUSIC ZONE: Here’s a big shout out to TKO Games and the guys down at the Music Zone in Chicago who treated myself and Kenny Wayne to a tour of their 108-room rehearsal facility and recording studio (in the old Kerr mason jar factory) and then a limo bus from Mike Z to the Black Sabbath concert in Tinley Park. We had a great time and Sabbath ruled!

Adventures with Lizzie: I went to my first football game as a parent. No, Nikko’s not playing, lol, Lizzie is on the Pom Pon Dance Team. The football team was getting creamed (42-0) by halftime when Lizzie and her crew hit mid-field. It was the first ever performance for the new dance team, they did a great job! Congrats Lizzie, you rock!

Here is a picture of Lizzie, from the back! LOL. She hasn’t “released” any frontal shots yet, so this pic of her ponytail and bow will have to suffice. There are a few more games this month, I will have another chance!

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