Letter To The People - September 2014

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

author David Kulczyk

author David Kulczyk

David Kulczyk: Maybe some of you remember a monthly column here in Maximum Ink called “Kulczyk’s Korner”. Kulczyk used to rant and rave about anything he wanted, and then list rockstars that had passed away recently. Eventually, Kulczyk moved to California and his column changed to it’s current version, Rockstar Death Notices.

In California he wrote for various newspapers and magazines until going to college after 40 to receive a bachelor’s degree in history.

“California Justice: Shootouts, Lynchings and Assassinations in the Golden State” was the title of his first book which came out in 2007 followed by 2009’s “Death in California: The Bizarre, Freakish and Just Curious Ways People Die in the Golden State”.

Now having released his third book in 2013, “California Fruits, Flakes & Nuts: True Tales of California Crazies, Crackpots and Creeps”, it would seem his trilogy is complete, but I digress. If you happen to be on the west coast, you can find him speaking at the Weird Tales Festival in Ridgemont, California on Sept 13th and of course all of his writings are available on Amazon.

The Isthmus: Madison’s longtime alt-weekly newspaper was sold this past month to a group including Mark Tauscher, an offensive lineman from the Wisconsin Badgers and Green Bay Packers. Interesting stories around the watercooler and a killer Fantasy Football League are going to elevate the Isthmus as one of the top places to work in Madison! LMAO!

Evil Dead Rokker CupcakesEvil Dead Rökker Cupcake: Did I just say that? Yes I did! Rökker Vodka, Cupcakes a Go-go, Overture Center and Evil Dead: The Musical have teamed up to bring you the Evil Dead Rökker cupcake, a kahlua/Rökker Vodka infused cake with a kahlua kissed frosting, and let me tell you, they are YUMMY!

Get your cupcake at Cupcakes a Go-go at 6642 Mineral Point Road in Madison. This runs for a limited time so don’t dilly dally. You can also pick up a 10% discount off non-splatterzone seats by using the promo code “DEMON” when you order tickets online.

Madison Liquor, right next door to Cupcakes a Go-go is getting some Rökker Vodka in stock should you need a quick bottle!

Rökker Vodka: Get a FREE pair of Evil Dead: The Musical tickets when you purchase 2 bottles of Rökker Vodka at Star Liquor, Trixie’s Liquor, and Vic Pierce in Madison. These are limited and on a first come first serve basis, you must be 21 years of age to participate.

Another new place to imbibe Rökker Vodka is One Barrel Brewing on Atwood Avenue. Just about local everything including their vodka… and Packer Liquor has changed hands and is now Harry’s Liquor, your new RV purveyor on Madison’s northside.

Max Ink Radio: If you haven’t checked out Max Ink Radio in a while, daily programming begins at 8am with EJ’s Cafe, features local and national singer/songwriters, Backstage Vibe Live at10am, and Tommy Trigger’s Outlaw Hideout lunch at noon. It’s all followed by Jimmy K and Phoenix in the afternoons.

We’d also like to welcome new DJ’s to Max Ink Radio. Ali K Music show on Wednesdays from 7-9pm and Michael Lee’s Local Yokel and Saturday’s 6-9pm. Ali K does many of her shows on location, featuring interviews and music while Michael’s show is very local music influenced along with some of Michael’s favorites.

Of course, don’t forget to come down to the Wisco on Willy Street for the Jimmy K Show every Tuesday night form 7-10pm. It’s local music, dumb news, interviews, and much more! It’s a lot of fun and there are good drink specials, plus, the Wisco Burger is something to experience!

Lizzie with pomsAdventures with Lizzie: September means football season is back, Purgolder’s football that is. And when there’s a Purgolder home game, there’s a Pom Pom Team ready to entertain you at halftime! The team has been meeting and practicing during the offseason and even had a mini-camp to get prepared for the grueling season ahead. This year they will compete in state either team, duo’s and solo. Lizzie is looking forward to the challenge, game on! Here’s an post-camp selfie of the core team.



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