Letter To The People - April 2009

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

The High Topps are: Elizabeth, Nikolai and Xiola Blue - photo by Rökker

The High Topps are: Elizabeth, Nikolai and Xiola Blue
photo by Rökker

Here comes award season again. Those with light heart will be amused and happy, those who take themselves too serious will be disappointed and those who don’t care won’t even know it happened. But awards there are and awards they will give, like it or not.

WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry): Maximum Ink is nominated for Print/Online Media of the year award. If you are thinking of attending the grand ceremony, it’s being held at Turner Hall in Milwaukee on April 27th and tickets can be purchased at WamiMusic.com.

The MAMAs (Madison Area Music Award): Madison’s awards are under way this month as well, The MAMAs final round of voting ends April 28th, so get online and vote or…. Shut up? Lol. The ceremony will take place on May 9th at the Barrymore Theater, check TheMamas.org for more info on tickets and performers.

Last Crack: Is back, at least for one night. Last Crack will be performing at Scatz on Madison’s Westside on Saturday, November 14th for the 20th anniversary of their debut album on Roadrunner/Roadracer records, Sinister Funkhouse #17. Scatz will feel like the Black Bear for a night. Anyone not wishing to drive home for the night can enjoy a discount we set up at the Marriot West Courtyard hotel which shares the same parking lot as Scatz, just ask for the “Scatz” discount.

This will mark the first time Last Crack will perform publicly since 2005. Ticket and other information will be released at LastCrack.com, Myspace.com/LastCrack and on Facebook, just search for the Last Crack group… and while you’re there, search out the Black Bear group! Lots of fun!

SaveKensLegs.com: We got Ken $574 in donations towards the cushion he so desperately needs, but that was only about a quarter of the total needed. So if you couldn’t make it to Bomblastica to donate, please give a little at savekenslegs.com.

Adventures with The High Topps: Over the weekend that was Bomblastica, my parents, brother Dan and his daughter Xiola Blue made the journey to Madison. They brought the game Rock Band for the Xbox along with the guitars and drums that serve as the game controllers. They played, then rehearsed and by the end of the weekend put on a show as The High Topps. It proved to be too much for our old tube TV though, by Monday an odd electrical smell filled the basement as it heaved in its death throws. That didn’t leave Nikko too happy. Anyone know where I can get a good deal on a flat screen?

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