Letter To The People - August 2017

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Rökker warming up the drums for Nikko at AtwoodFest 2017 on stage with the Clyde Stubblefield All-Stars

Rökker warming up the drums for Nikko at AtwoodFest 2017 on stage with the Clyde Stubblefield All-Stars

Recently, a young band (just out of highschool young band) made a “joke” about a recent rockstar suicide in bad taste. It really wasn’t funny and it set off a Facebook firestorm of comments. And they deserved to be called out. Then it led to an interview being outed where the band said some not so nice things about Madison’s music scene, and how “he” was the best player in town, or something to that effect, and the firestorm got hotter, eventually leading to the band being banned at some clubs.

I personally didn’t agree with what they said, and it was childish and not well thought out. But in the end, they are kids, and need to learn how to handle themselves in this tight nit group we call the music scene.

I am willing to give them some space to take this lesson and grow. They have been publicly reprimanded.

My advice, if they are listening, is that joking about someone’s beloved rockstar’s death will not win you friends or fans.

And lastly, it is ok to say you want to be the best, but only another person can call you the best. One cannot simply claim that mantle.

Adventures with Nikolai:  It was a lot of fun to get up on stage with the Clyde Stubblefield All-Stars during their final song of the night. Joey B. Banks brings his drum students to the stage during the set to play on a second drumset along with the band, as a way to pass Clyde’s legacy to the younger, and sometimes not so younger, generation.

It affords students a chance to get on stage with top shelf players in front of an audience where they might not have that opportunity otherwise. It is a valuable experience.

During Saturday’s AtwoodFest performance, just after we presented the Clyde memorial, I jumped behind the drum kit and played Clyde’s famous “Party’s in the Kitchen” along with the band.

Half way through the song I jumped up to bring up dancers and commence with announcements and let my son Nikolai on the kit to finish the song. It is a memory I will take with me forever.

Adventures with Elizabeth: Lizzie & Lexi have a new job as waitresses at Papino’s Pizza in Windsor on Friday nights. They are busy saving up for the next semester in college and getting a flat downtown. Lizzie is taking summer classes as well as helping the Madison East Dance Team practice and workout.

Lizzie also worked a merch table at AtwoodFest for Eric Sommer hawking CD’s and T-shirts.. I guess she does take after the old man a little.

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