Letter To The People - December 2017

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Dirty Jeff with his father at the High Noon Saloon

Dirty Jeff with his father at the High Noon Saloon

This issue is dedicated to the memories of my good friends Ted “Ted Offensive” Putnam and Jeff Ellingsøn, aka Dirty Jeff.

Ted Offensive was loved by everyone for his giant heart and unyielding support of the lesser known parts of Madison’s music scene. Ted was known for many things including WORT DJ,  but Ted briefly wrote for Maximum Ink, and that puts him in our Max Ink Hall of Fame.

Dirty Jeff was one of the first people to contact Max Ink Radio to do a show. His enthusiasm always energized whomever he was with. Jeff was anything but dirty and to those that knew him he was always their favorite person. His personality was magnetic.

The music scene, Maximum Ink, friends and family will miss these two men immensely. May their memories live in the hearts and minds of those who loved them.

Toys for Tots: Badger Football works its way into the second annual Toys For Tots benefit at the Club Tavern on Saturday, December 2nd. Music starts at 4pm by Cliff Frederiksen and is followed by El Donk, the Shruggers, and Flow Poetry. The live music goes on hold at 7pm for the Badger game, and then resumes after 10pm with Moonhouse. Admission is a toy or cash donation to a great cause.

Rökker Rye Whiskey: The rumors are all true. Labels at printer, going on bottling schedule, see you in stores for 2018!

Adventures with Nikko: The Madison East Band, directed by Mark Saltzman, had the honor of being the first performance at the new Margaret Williams Theater inside Madison East HS. Mr. Saltzman likened the old seats to “40 year-old bowling alley seats”, and he was right. The new seats are padded and amazing. The stage is renovated and modern and the theater sounds great!

Catch Nikko and I sitting in on drums for a song with the Clyde Stubblefield Allstars on 12/8 for Funky Friday at the High Noon Saloon. Mama & Papa Rökker are coming in for the show, it’s gonna be a good time! Don’t forget, this is an early 5:30-7:30pm show.

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