Letter To The People - December 2018

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Nikko & Black Star Drumline make the Wisconsin State Journal

Nikko & Black Star Drumline make the Wisconsin State Journal

Max Ink Fantasy Football: So here we are at the end of the regular Fantasy Football season for the Max Ink crew this year. Madcity Rokkers (12-1) will meet Timmy Keyes’ Legion of Doom (7-5) and Chris Malas’ Monsters (8-5) will meet Hey Bruh It’s Nikko (8-5) in the playoffs. Joey Bank’s Funkee Green Bay Junkee (6-7) will meet Steve’s Dinnertime Dinerstein (6-7) and Brian’s Cho-Mama Bombers (3-10) will meet Dan’s Brew City Brawlers (2-11) in the consolation bracket. Steve & Joey really came close to breaking into the playoffs by making bold moves on the waiver wire, Brian was sink or swim with a lot of Packers (we all know how that turned out) and Dan, well, I think there’s a “I Lost” picture with a dress and make up coming up! My award for most improved player this season is Timmy Keyes who makes the playoffs for the first time in this league. Good Luck Men.

Max Ink Website: Phase 1 of the new Max Ink website is complete. Check out the new, easy to use interface that looks great on every device. Visit Maximumink.com.

Adventures with Nikko & Lizzie: Nikko and Black Star Drum Line made the Wisconsin State Journal when they played the Edgewater’s 5th annual holiday tree lighting ceremony. Happy 16th Birthday Nikko!

Lizzie made it to Canada and back. She met up with her friends from across the continent and made it to three of the shows on the tour and met all of the skaters in person. The highlight is when the group of girls to got their car stuck on a hill in a snowstorm and a Canadian military man saved the day by pushing them UP the hill. Only in Canada.

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