Letter To The People - February 2009

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Bradley Fish's Electrifried Band: Jeff Muendel, Philly, Bradley Fish, Rokker - at Smart Studios in Madison, Spring 2008

Bradley Fish's Electrifried Band: Jeff Muendel, Philly, Bradley Fish, Rokker - at Smart Studios in Madison, Spring 2008

This issue is dedicated to Milwaukee’s Terry Frank, a legendary blues guitarist who passed away last month. It was hard adding his name to the death notices this month, as I’ve probably typed his name in our live music calendar a few hundred times over the last 13 years. Our hearts go out to his family and friends.

1 they said couldn’t be done. 3 they said was luck. 5 was surprising. 6 tied the record. 7 was magic. 10 garnered respect. 13 turned out to be lucky indeed.

This issue marks the end of Maximum Ink’s 13th full year of publishing a music magazine, 156 issues. Year 14 promises to be an eventful year for Max Ink as we continue to grow both in print and online.

Many readers know how useful our live music calendar has been over the years, and recently you may have noticed many new changes to make it easier to read and find the information you’re looking for. The addition of zones and city names in print, and the sorting features online have enhanced the user experience.

Now, we’re in the process of adding a mobile phone version of the calendar. It’s still in beta mode at the current time, but if you would like to preview the work in progress, point your smartphone to www.maxinkmobile.com to try it out.

It gives you all the power of the online calendar right in your palm, anywhere, anytime.

To celebrate our new and improved paper and website, we’re gonna have a party! BOMBLASTICA 2009. Yep, you heard right, we’re bringing the indoor music festival out of retirement for a two day foray at the Annex in Madison on March 20 & 21. As always, Free Admission, Free Beer & Munchies and great bands! More on that next month.

Bradley Fish’s Electrifried Band:

You may remember Bradley came back from Israel last year to record the song Big Bag Of Reefer with the Electrifried band at Smart Studios with Mike Zirkel at the helm. It is up for a MAMA (Madison Area Music Awards) and you can vote for it at www.themamas.org in the category of “Song Of The Year.” Help us make it to the second round of voting. Please go to www.maximumink.com/fish and download the song. Feel free to give it to anyone you like, pirate it, copy it, heck, sample it and turn it into a groove!! We don’t mind, just vote for it. If we win, I promise to throw a party with Free Beer and get you in the door, have a few bands, maybe even score some pizza!!! How’s that for a bribe?

Adventures with Nikolai:

Nikko innocently asked his mom “How do you find a job?” I had to grin at the question, not having a clue why he would ask that at 6 years old. Maybe he keeps hearing how many people are losing their jobs, or trying to find one without any luck. After mom’s explanation, he told her that he wouldn’t need to find a job because he was going to be the publisher of Maximum Ink when “dad gets old.” I guess that means Max Ink is gonna be around for a while so you can all breathe a sigh of relief. LoL!

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