Letter To The People - January 2009

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

I wonder if Nikolai knew Elizabeth was giving him bunny ears.... ? - photo by Rokker

I wonder if Nikolai knew Elizabeth was giving him bunny ears.... ?
photo by Rokker

Hey Everybody!

The Maximum Ink Holiday party was a whole ton of fun! I thought the turn out would be low as the weather dumped six inches of snow in downtown Madison. But hey, we’re from Wisconsin, so a little snow isn’t gonna stop anyone from having a good time.

After everyone at the Cardinal was feeling warm and fuzzy from the free Ale Asylum Hopalicious and full from the insane spread of tacos, flautas and chips ‘n salsa from Tex Tubb’s Taco Palace, Milwaukee’s God’s Outlaw took the stage and surprised the crowd with an amazing performance of Johnny Cash and other outlaw country favs. I’d never seen my friend Marcus dance before, that crazy bastard! The crowd had them doing encores until they were almost satisfied.

Complete satisfaction came in the form of two sets by Donk Floyd, Madison’s El Donk along with Motor Primitives’ organist Jeff Muendel. They pulled off two sets of early Pink Floyd in tribute to Floyd keyboardist Richard Wright who recently passed. I was thoroughly pleased to hear their version of “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun”. When was the last time you heard a band play that song? Never!

The whole event was recorded and I believe the Donksters will eventually release it. I heard rumors they might play this material live a few more times it was so good! Keep your eyes open for a replay around town.

Many people contributed to the success of this show including Patrick Lucas who brought Mute Grey‘s light system down, Dianna at Tex Tubb’s, Willie and the two Cory’s at the Cardinal, Naughty Novelties who supplied a kick ass cake with the ad for the show printed on the frosting, Herb the soundman, Jim the recording engineer and all the crazy Madison folk who braved the weather for a good time like Steve, Danny, Gordy, Tim & Pam, George and tons more!

And the best news, we collected $211 for the Madison chapter of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Adventures With Nikolai: Happy Birthday to Nikko who turned six years old last month. He got the Batman Lego game for his Xbox, giving a brief break to the Star Wars action. But it didn’t last long, Elizabeth’s friend Alexis got a Wii for Xmas along with the Clone Wars game. If you haven’t seen it, the paddles become lightsabers and you get to battle each other for real. Elizabeth’s arm was sore for three days and Nikko didn’t want to quit.

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