Letter To The People - January 2019

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Saher, Lizzie and Aly in Chicago along the river on xmas 2019 - photo by Nikko

Saher, Lizzie and Aly in Chicago along the river on xmas 2019
photo by Nikko

Max Ink Fantasy Football: After going 12-1 in the regular season my team decided to tank during the second round of the SuperBowl against Nikko, and of course while my team tanked his roared. Congrats Nikko on your Superbowl victory. Malas Monsters and Timmy’s Legion of Doom both made the playoff’s. We will meet again next year!

Crucible: Congrats to the crew at Crucible who retained grace under pressure as they worked tirelessly to get Madison’s newest nightclub ready for the grand opening on new year’s eve. They’re still working on cleaning up a few loose ends but were successful in meeting their opening goals, we know, it’s not easy! Long life!

Adventures with Nikko & Lizzie: The family joined Lizzie on a trip to Chicago for Xmas to meet up with a few of Lizzie’s “Scott & Tessa” shippers from Canada and California named Saher and Aly. We walked to the Bean, booed Trump Tower and the girls got to ice skate in Millennium Park. Amazingly it was sunny and 45 degrees. We stayed at a quaint little hotel in the River North district called the Found with an amazing concierge named Alex to help with every whim. We enjoyed pizza at Lou Malnati’s and Italian beef sammie’s at Al’s.

While walking along the “Mile” I was approached by a shoe shiner. Before I could get “no” out of my mouth I had cleaning gel on both toes. Yep, I had my SNEAKERS shined… for a “modest” fee.

Nikko and Black Star Drum Line will be performing at the Governor’s Inauguration Gala at the Monona Terrace on January 7th to patrons on their way in. It is a black tie event so it looks like I’ll be down hob-nobbing with the big shots.

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