Letter To The People - July 2009

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

If these guys can get along, anyone can - Dan Stoffels as Obi Wan and Darth Rökker - photo by Lars Forde

If these guys can get along, anyone can - Dan Stoffels as Obi Wan and Darth Rökker
photo by Lars Forde

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Paul Kopecky, Koko Taylor and Michael Jackson.

Scavenger Hunt: What a fun time! Congrats and thanx to Max Ink promotion director Laura Steinhoff and advertising director Alice for all their work in organizing and prepping the event. Everyone had a complete blast on that beautiful, warm afternoon.

Jedi vs. Sith battles raged as Danno of Axiom donned his Obi Wan Kenobi outfit and yours truly as a Sith Lord. We freaked out a lot of people who had no clue about our scavenger hunt, and I know the Ivory Room will never be the same. One little known fact we found out is that Sith use Blackberry and Jedi use iPhone.

Thanx to all the teams that showed up and you can see some pics of the Bud Girls, Lightsaber battles and scavenger hunt attendees at Uhaps.com.

Atwood Summerfest: The 27th Annual Atwood Summerfest countdown has started. July 25th is the date for the annual fundraiser for the Goodman Community Center that takes place on the 2000-2100 blocks of Atwood Avenue in Madison. There are stellar line ups at both the Maximum Ink/Ale Asylum Rock Stage and the Harmony Bar/Capital Brewery Blues Stage. Check AtwoodSummerfest.com for stage line-ups and times. Highlights include the Rousers headlining the Blues Stage and Magic 7 returning to the Rock Stage.

Hands On WYOU TV:  WYOU has been Madison’s community based public access TV channel since 1974. Wayne’s World made public access TV famous but the change in PEG funding (Public, Education, Government) could threaten public access channels across Wisconsin.  To cope with providing their own budget, the station will go through many changes to fit a new finance model and continue with fundraising events. The next even will be at the High Noon Saloon on Sunday, July 12th from 4-8pm. The event will feature three bands (Hot Cross Bones, Adam Isaac and the People and Baghdad Scuba Review) as well as the opportunity to get your hand-print cast in a tile that will be displayed at the station. A donation of $50 gets you a membership along with the hand print. Available on Madison’s Charter cable network on digital channel 991 and analog channel 95. Keep your eyes open for all new scheduling changes. Volunteer and make it yours. www.wyou.org. PS. Congrats to WYOU executive director Barbara Bolan for making the cover of the Capitol Times in a great article by Jane Burns that can be viewed at tinyurl.com/barbarabolan.

Adventures with Elizabeth: Elizabeth and Nikolai are Camp Shalom-sters again this year. Their latest art project was to make costumes for the counselors from old newspapers. The counselor walks in with a stack of old newspapers, plops them on the floor, and wouldn’t you know it… a few Maximum Ink’s made the cut. Elizabeth got a little celeb notoriety as they discovered her ballerina picture from last month. Then they found the Band Camp ad which had a big, eerie “Jason – Friday the 13th” hockey mask outlined for cut out. Then, as they wrapped their counselors like the catch of the day they noticed the “Visions” add which stated “come see our Rhythm and Boobs.” Oh boy, crazy days are back at camp, better put on another rerun of “Meatballs.”

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