Letter To The People - June 2009

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Elizabeth in her recital outfit, May 2009 - photo by Rokker

Elizabeth in her recital outfit, May 2009
photo by Rokker

Capitol Square Scavenger Hunt: June 20th brings fun to the State Capitol Square as teams will meet at the Frequency bar at 5pm to pick up their lists of participating bars and the objects they will need to photograph to score points to win prizes from our sponsors. Bud Light will be on special at the bars and Badger football legend Ron Dayne will be meandering between the bars along with a Sith Lord fighting a Jedi (pics of them will count as extra points). The event ends at the Argus at 10pm where points will be tallied and prizes distributed. With sponsors like Slaughter Motorsports, the Piercing Lounge/Blue Lotus Tattoo, Yahara Bay Distillery and Rock n Glam Salon, this event promises to be a pub hop with a purpose. Sign up on our Facebook page or our website at Maximumink.com/scavengerhunt.

Summerfest: This year there are more than 11 stages over 11 days featuring more than 700 performances. It’s pretty hard to keep track of it all. Maximum Ink has launched a new Summerfest section of our website and the schedule can be seen by the date or by the stage. Even better, the Summerfest schedule along with Max Ink’s entire live music calendar is available for your cell phone with internet access at www.maxinkmobile.com. Now, you won’t have to carry around one of those folded paper schedules that always seem to get lost… you’ll always have your cell phone!

Atwood Summerfest: The 27th Annual Atwood Summerfest countdown has started. July 25th is the date for the annual fundraiser for the Goodman Community Center that takes place on the 2000-2100 blocks of Atwood Avenue. There are stellar line ups at both the Maximum Ink/Ale Asylum Rock Stage and the Harmony Bar/Capital Brewery Blues Stage. For more go to www.atwoodsummerfest.com.

Hands On WYOU TV:  WYOU has been Madison’s community based public access TV channel since 1974. Wayne’s World made public access TV famous but the change in PEG funding (Public, Education, Government) could threaten public access channels across Wisconsin.  To cope with providing their own budget, the station will go through many changes to fit a new finance model and continue with fundraising events. The next even will be at the High Noon Saloon on Sunday, Junly 12th from 4-8pm. The event will feature three bands (Hot Cross Bones, Adam Isaac and the People and Baghdad Scuba Review) as well as the opportunity to get your hand print cast in a tile that will be displayed at the station. A donation of $50 gets you a membership along with the hand print. Available on Madison’s Charter cable network on digital channel 991 and analog channel 95. Keep your eyes open for all new scheduling changes. Volunteer and make it yours. www.wyou.org.

Adventures With Elizabeth: Last month I enjoyed hot dogs and pretzels at the Brewers game along with the Gompers Elementary crossing guards. Elizabeth helped students safely cross the streets on Friday mornings and to reward the effort of all of the students, we took a school bus to the game. The Brewers lost to the Cardinals, but the highlight was seeing the school’s name on the big scoreboard. Elizabeth moves on to middle school next year while Nikolai heads to first grade. Congratulations kids!

Elizabeth also performed her jazz and ballet routines live for the annual Virginia Davis School of Dance show. She performed wonderfully and you can see it along with older performances on my Youtube.com/rokkermon account. Enjoy.

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