Letter To The People - June 2018

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Mike McCabe running for Wisconsin governor 2018

Mike McCabe running for Wisconsin governor 2018

The last time the stakes were this high most of us in Wisconsin were sleeping. The 2010 election wave that swept in Tea Partiers across the nation hit hard here at home. Just after the Packers won the Superbowl, newly elected governor Scott Walker (whom it seemed no one cared to know much about) announced Act 10 and all hell broke lose. Protests became a daily routine and record size crowds showed up. But governor Walker’s ears were deaf when it came to what the people wanted, though it seemed he was ready anytime to listen to the Koch Brothers and their agenda.

Then came the gerrymandering which put the noose around the neck of our legislature, making sure the republican majority and governor could not loose elections. Now completely emboldened by the special interests and no longer fearing the voter, politicians have gutted education, infrastructure, pension funds and pulled the teeth from the DNR regulations so that mining companies, factory farms, and flat screen manufacturers can loot and pollute our land and fresh water, sickening the stomach and saddening the mind.

The governor presiding over this state in 2020 will oversee a state census and redistricting process which could undo the gerrymandering of the last 8 years to return balance to a severely unbalanced system.

The Democratic Primary election taking place on Tuesday, August 14th is more important than the general election for the reason that whomever wins will have to face Scott Walker, and to get to that point we will need to choose between the poison of “any blue will do”, “who will have more money than Scott” versus who has the ideas, vision, charisma, and integrity to not only beat Scott Walker, but put this state’s government back into the business of working for all of us, and not just a few at the top.

I am endorsing Mike McCabe for governor for the following reasons. 1) Mike is the only candidate limiting campaign donations to $200 a person at one time and won’t take money from special interests. 2) He’s the Bernie Sanders of Wisconsin, he has been fighting money in politics his entire adult life. 3) He will only accept as payment as your governor $1 less than the average Wisconsin employee earns so that he can be our servant, not our master 4) Legalize Marijuana, pardon non-violent offenders, allow home growing, use proceeds to fund opioid solution and save the UW system and public education. 5) Make Badgercare eligible for all Wisconsinites. 6) Make WI number one in renewable energies 7) Large rural support.

I’m sure I could hold my nose and vote for any candidate in November, but there is only one candidate who inspires me, only one candidate I can trust, and only one candidate I can volunteer for. Wisconsin, don’t get caught in the same rut, vote Mike McCabe for a new kind of politics.

Please give Mike a listen at governorbluejeans.com

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