Letter To The People - May 2008

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Elizabeth with her new bike from the Village Pedaler in Madison, it's her 10th b-day present - photo by Rokker

Elizabeth with her new bike from the Village Pedaler in Madison, it's her 10th b-day present
photo by Rokker

Hey Everybody!

This issue is dedicated to Sean Costello who passed away in April unexpectedly. He passed away a day before his 29th birthday, just months after releasing his latest album “We Can Get Together” on Delta Groove Music. Sean had played at the Prariedog Blues Fest a few years back and was slated to headline the upcoming Waukesha Blues Fest this summer. The blues have lost a young, talented soul. [www.seancostello.com]

THE FREQUENCY: Congrats to Darwin Sampson for starting up his own club. He’s been doing it for everyone else for a number of years at the Anchor, Annex and elsewhere. His style of booking and that space might be the perfect mix.

TEN YEARS AGO IN MAX INK:  Life of Agony, Que Sera, Vicki Guzman, Fungusamungus, The Baum Squad, Boney Fingers, Whiskey Prophet, Internet Express, Mad City Music Show on WIBA debuted, Jr. High, Concert Café in GB, Weedstock, Edtronics, Bliss, Demento, any of those ring a bell? lol

BRADLEY FISH: Spotting the Loch Ness monster in Lake Mendota would seem more real than seeing Bradley Fish these days on State Street, but it’s true! He’ll be floating around Madison for a week or two between family reunions and recording projects at Smart Studios. The Electrifried Band will reunite to record a song for an upcoming video release. If you haven’t seen his last video, “Jewish Girl Blues,” search it on YouTube.com, it has over 167,000 views to date.

KRISTY ROSE: At the age of 13 she was already playing in the all-girl metal band Ledd Wings. Now 16 and lead vocalist and guitar player of her self-titled band, Kristy Rose is no wallflower. With riffs, wailing vocals and hot looks, she’s tearing it up nationwide opening for the likes of Vince Neil, Dio, Antrax, Shinedown and many others. Kristy Rose will be playing her only Wisconsin appearance at the Back Bar in Janesville on May 17th [www.thebackbar.com]. Listen to her music at [www.myspace.com/kristyrose06].

ADVENTURES WITH ELIZABETH: Happy 10th birthday to Elizabeth! Has it been that long since “Life Of Agony” was on the cover? Her birthday present came a little early this year as we went to the Village Pedaler on Monona Drive and let her pick out the next size up, a 20 incher!! It’s girlie blue with all the girlie things flowing off it. I felt like I was back at Target in the Barbie aisle for a second…. Nikko, where are ya boy? At least his bike more closely resembles a motorcycle, I can’t wait to teach him the card in the spokes trick!

See you next month! Rökker

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