Letter To The People - May 2009

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Alexis, Nikko and Elizabeth at Olin Park in Madison, WI - photo by Rökker

Alexis, Nikko and Elizabeth at Olin Park in Madison, WI
photo by Rökker

Hey Everybody!

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Marilyn Chambers, who’s performance in the erotic movies “Behnind The Green Door” and “Insatiable” changed an industry, and got her fired by Ivory Soap!

Capitol Square Scavenger Hunt: June 20th will be Maximum Ink’s First Annual Capitol Square Scavenger Hunt. Dreamed up by our promotions director Laura Steinhoff, the event will feature participating bars around the capitol square area in which you will need to find objects from a provided list, take a picture and receive points to win prizes from our sponsors. Teams will start at the Frequency and finish at the Argus (like a golf course), and the event is from 5-10pm with the “after-party” starting at 10pm.

During the Scavenger Hunt, you will have to find unique objects and people including a Dark Lord of the Sith (that’s me) who will be hanging with Obi Wan Kenobi (Dan Stoffels). Find us with our lightsabers and take a pic for extra points. We will also have Wisconsin Badger legend Ron Dayne running between participating bars, and if you get your pic taken with Ron, you will also score extra points (thanx to SlaughterMotorsports.com).

Bud Light will be on special at the participating bars, and your picture of an object while holding a Bud Light will also score you extra credit. For a list of participating bars and to sign up your team (4 members max) go to www.maximumink.com/hunt. More information will be posted in our June issue.

PC2USB: My buddy Lars is an inventor from Sweden. He’s always coming up with something crazy. Recently, he’s released a product to the market that is very helpful to musicians and business people. It’s called PC2USB, and it is a piece of hardware and accompanying software that allows you to write files from you computer to up to 13 USB flash drives at one time, a flash drive duplicator. I can think of a million uses… but I’ll leave that up to you. Did I mention these units are very affordable? Check them out at www.pc2usb.com.

Adventures with Elizabeth: What happened to me? I was in a blissful state as every Friday night at 8pm was a new episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. As the season ended I was not prepared for what would follow… the Twilight craze! I hadn’t even heard of it as my beloved Star Wars season came to an end, but now it seems I can’t escape.

Twilight the movie came to our hose on loan from Alexis and before I knew it we were at the bookstores buying all four books. It has taken over all discussions and free time. Alice has already read all four books and Elizabeth is on number three, “Eclipse” and now they’re loaning out books to their girlfriends so they can have “Chick Lit” discussions. Oh Edward, oh Bella, oh dear god help me!

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