Letter To The People - November 2009

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Darth Rökker and Obi Dan Kenobi battling - photo by Nick Berard

Darth Rökker and Obi Dan Kenobi battling
photo by Nick Berard

Patrick Peterson: In late September, Whitewater musician Pat Peterson (Pipe Circus, Avengers Assemble) underwent brain surgery to remove a grade IV Astrocytoma tumor. He’s still going to have ongoing treatment including chemotherapy. We wish him the best during his recovery.

There will be a benefit to help Pat and his family cope with the financial stresses of his recovery on November 14th at the Cuda Café in Deerfield. Featured bands are The Groggers, the Dots, Dave Ellingson Project, Blue Olives, members of Pipe Circus, Sector 3, Avengers Assemble and more.

If you can’t make the event but would like to donate, send donations to First Citizens Bank, Attn: Patrick Peterson Benefit Fund, 207 W. Main St., Whitewater, WI 53190 or call (262) 473-2112.

Halloween Spooktakular: Halloween is one of my favorite parties to throw. Just about all of the bands came in Star Wars costumes. Axiom were all Jedi, Sunspot was Luke-Han-Slave Leia and Lords of Discipline had a Slave Leia, Tusken Raider, Tie Fighter Pilot and an over the top Jabba the Hutt backdrop behind the drums.

Viscous Circle’s Shawn Brown came as a Clone Trooper, there was a Party Vader, Casper the Wookie, and myself as the Sith Lord Darth Rökker. You can see a video of Darth Rökker fighting Obi Dan Kenobi in a lightsaber battle at www.maximumink.com/fight.

Extra thanks to our food sponsors; Ale Asylum (Hopalicious), JJ’s Top of the Swamp (very tasty BBQ Pork), Supreme Pizza, and Talula (Keylime Pie). There was not a drop leftover!!

Last Crack: Welcome to Madison all the Last Crack fans traveling in from around the United States including Pittsburgh, Boston, Austin, New Orleans, Las Vegas and from Costa Rica and other countries (yeah, that’s you Rodolfo!).

Special thanx to Full Compass, Good n Loud music and Ginter guitars for their sponsorship. Ginter will be providing a guitar that the band will sign and we’ll give away to one lucky concert goer.

Tickets for the show are available around Madison at Video Game X-change on Atwood, Fat Pinky Glass on Willy, Earwax Records downtown, Good n Loud West, Scatz in Middleton and online at LastCrack.com/tickets.

It is the first time the original line up of the band will play in concert since late 1991 for a performance celebrating 20 years of Sinister Funkhouse #17.

Adventures with Nikolai:
Nikolai and I were out on State Street a few weeks ago promoting the Halloween show and Nikko dressed as “mini-Vader.” He walked around force-choking people and they almost always responded by being “choked.” We ran into a wedding party and the girls couldn’t keep their hands off him, he was “that” cute! He also choked a group of Police officers who also got the cue…. We had a great time!

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