Letter To The People - November 2019

Publisher's Commentary
by Rökker

Steven Mark Sime posing with one of his fav's, Paul Stanley of Kiss

Steven Mark Sime posing with one of his fav's, Paul Stanley of Kiss

This issue is dedicated to the memory of my good friend Steven Sime. Steve was a booking agent out of Chicago that I worked with to bring national artists to AtwoodFest like The Steepwater Band, Jane Lee Hooker, and Kofi Baker. He was one of the good guys.

Max Ink Radio: Exciting things happening at Max Ink Radio. First, Max Ink Radio will start broadcasting in Milwaukee on 101.7 FM starting November 9 & 10. This will help to achieve our longtime goal to bring the Milwaukee and Madison (Talk 92.7 FM) music scenes closer together.

Second, Max Ink Radio will repeat the Saturday night show on Sunday night on both FM and streaming online.

Third, Max Ink Radio will expand the show one hour and start one hour earlier and broadcast from 6-9 pm on Saturday and Sunday evenings. We’ll be adding new segments, interviews, and music from local artists (including Milwaukee).

Lastly, Max Ink Radio just launched our new website to listen or download past shows as well as listen to separated versions of the interviews and R√∂kker’s Closets (a segment where we play a long since broken up band’s music and tell the backstory).

To Recap… We’re broadcasting in Milwaukee, we are repeating on Sunday nights, we are expanding the show one hour, and we launched a new website to listen to archives.

If you are a business and would like to sponsor Max Ink Radio because our listeners love local music and support local businesses. Click on the “Become a sponsor” tab at Maxinkradio.com to learn more about our packages available that include print, radio, and social media promotions.

Adventures with Lizzie: After last month’s column throwing shade on the Jonas Brothers, I was made to watch the new Jonas Brothers documentary. And I have to say, it was quite good. The Jonas Brothers were far more accomplished than I had given them credit for and I was definitely wrong about their Disney relationship. The Mouse can’t touch anything without ruining it. Yes, I mean Star Wars.

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